Isaac Yates & Nancy Bandy of OH & Reynolds County, MO

Today, we’ll look at the family of Isaac Yates and Nancy Bandy, the fifth child of Andrew Bandy and Rebecca Wooldridge. Nancy was born c1830, either in Botetourt County, Virginia just before the family moved or in Lawrence County, Ohio shortly after they arrived.

I’ve not researched the Yates family very much and haven’t identified the parents of Isaac. There were several Yates families in the Lawrence County, Ohio area that were undoubtedly related.

There is a second Isaac Yates who married Rebecca Lunbeck on 10 February 1846 in Lawrence County and some researchers have conflated the two Isaacs into one person. They were likely cousins.

Now, to Isaac and Nancy!

Isaac Yates was born c1825 in Ohio and died after the 1880 census and before July 1890 when Nancy applied for a Civil War widow’s pension. I suspect he died much closer to 1890 than 1880 and probably in Montgomery County, Ohio. Nancy also appears as Isaac’s widow on the 1890 veterans census schedule in Montgomery County.

Isaac served in the 18 OH Infantry for 3 months.

Years ago, before the internet, I had a difficult time tracing this family because they didn’t stay put after the Civil War. They married on 7 May 1844 in Lawrence County, Ohio and remained there into the 1860s.

I then lost track of them, but eventually found Isaac, Mary and their children living in Montgomery County, Ohio in 1870. By the way, I found them using FamilySearch and only by looking for their daughter Nancy, born in 1862. Somehow, they missed being indexed on Ancestry even though the entry is quite legible.

By 1880, the Yates family had migrated to Reynolds County, Missouri. Life must have been hard as Isaac’s occupation as a young man was “laborer,” but in 1870, he was a wood chopper.

I couldn’t find either Isaac nor Nancy after 1880 and assumed that they might have died in Reynolds County. That turned out not to be the case, at least for Nancy and probably Isaac, as technology came to the rescue and brought up a hint to her possible grave site – back in Montgomery County, Ohio! She died on 6 March 1893, Montgomery County, Ohio.

Their children have been identified through census records.

Children (All events in Lawrence County, Ohio unless noted.):

  1. Amanda, born c1845; died after 24 June 1915, when she applied for a Civil War widow’s pension and 1920; married John W. Rose, 20 September 1864. The Rose family migrated with Isaac and Nancy from Ohio to Missouri and back again to Ohio. They also lived in Kalamazoo, Michigan in 1907.  John was born 1842; died 24 May 1915, Montgomery County, Ohio. He has a military headstone. Amanda is likely buried near him, but she has no gravestone. They were the parents of three children, all living in 1900.
  2. Samuel C(oleman?), born January 1847; died 4 March 1916, Iron County, Missouri; married Nancy Caulley, 23 May 1869. She was born 13 August 1852; died 12 November 1929, St. Louis, Missouri. Samuel was a Civil War veteran and served with the 173rd Regiment, Ohio Infantry. They were the parents of ten children, with six living in 1900, but seven living in 1910?
  3. William, born c1849; married Mary A. (Stauffer) Reinhart, 1 January 1880, Montgomery County, Ohio. Stepson Allen Reinhart, age 2 years, lived with them in 1880. In 1900, this couple lived in Plattin, Jefferson, Missouri. Mary reported that she had no living children. Neither has been found after 1900, but there are no known descendants of William.
  4. Benjamin, born c1851; no further record; There is a Benjamin who married Jane Jones, 25 January 1868, but this couple isn’t found in 1870 and it is uncertain if this is the same Benjamin.
  5. Joseph, born c1853; no further record. He is not at home in 1870 and hasn’t been found elsewhere.
  6. Catherine, born c1855; died 1939, Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio; married (1) Robert Jefferson Morris, 8 August 1872, Indiana. They were the parents of three girls in 1880. (2) Clarence F. Booth, 19 October 1887, Greene County, Ohio. Kate, as she was called, was the mother of four Booth children, so seven known children altogether.
  7. Martha, born c1857; died 1926, Montgomery County, Ohio; married (1) Michael Riley, 5 November 1874. He died in Montgomery County, Ohio, just three months after marrying, on 28 February 1875, aged 21 years, 8 months and 28 days. Martha married (2) Alfred Haines, 16 June 1876, Montgomery County, Ohio. Alfred was born 6 March 1850, Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio; died 12 April 1925, Montgomery County, Ohio. Martha gave birth to five children, but only two were living in 1900 – George and Elizabeth.
  8. Nancy Ann, born c1862; married Jefferson Adams, 8 April 1881, Reynolds County, Missouri. She may have died soon as he married (2) Margaret Alice Crabtree, 4 July 1883, Gila County, AZ. She has no known descendants.
  9. Isaac, born c1864; died after 1880; no further record.

There are still a few missing pieces in this Yates puzzle, regarding what happened to Benjamin, Joseph and Isaac, but I’ve added many leaves to this branch of the Bandy family tree.



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