Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: How Many Trees in Your Database?

I can’t believe May is already half over and it is once again Saturday night so it is time for Randy Seaver’s newest challenge on Saturday Night Genealogy Fun.

Here is the challenge:

1)  Almost  all of us have genealogy software that we use to manage our research and our family tree.  Some researchers use only an online family tree.  What do you use?

2)  For this week’s SNGF, tell us how many “trees” (or “bushes” you have in your genealogy management program database.  How did you figure it out?

This week’s challenge is short and sweet for me, because it doesn’t take much to count to two!

Although I have online trees at Ancestry and MyHeritage, and also have trees in multiple software programs on my computer, they are the same two trees.

I have the Stufflebean Family Tree and the Sabo Family Tree. I decided to keep Dave’s lines and my lines separate because both of our trees are quite unwieldy – about 7500 people in each one with about that many images and documents in each, too.

I have no DNA mysteries so I don’t have any secret trees, either.

That’s it for me!

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