Nevada: Digitized County Histories

Nevada is a bit unique, like several other Western states with wide open land and small population. Since there are few digitized county histories, and much of Nevada’s early history took place in town events, I’ve included many state resources.


1. While every county in the state is listed, links are only provided for titles that no longer fall under U.S. copyright laws. All (almost) links connect to free websites.
2. There are a few instances when a book has been digitized, but is only found on a paid site. In that case, no link is inserted, but a note as to the website where it has been found is given.
3. When a state history has also been found in digital format, it is listed in the STATE section that precedes the county list. I have limited STATE entries to those with county histories/biographical volumes in them.
4. There are a number of counties that DO have histories written, BUT they remain copyrighted material. Therefore, if a county has NONE after its name, it doesn’t mean there is no county history, just that none has been digitized. It’s also possible that the only digitized county history is included in one of the state volumes, so be sure to check those entries.
5. If the book is on FamilySearch, you will need a free account to access it. This list does NOT include town histories.
6. When all fifty states have been completed, I will post a PDF of them all.
7. One last note – it is very possible that a book is digitally available on more than one website. I’ve only included links to one site per book.


 STATE Index to Maude Swain Taylor’s “From my Nevada notebook”, compiled by Connie Bell and June Rockwell; typed by Thelma Denton, Las Vegas, Nevada, 1986.
STATEFirst biennial report of the Nevada Historical Society, 1907-1908, State Printing Office, Carson City, Nevada, 1909.
STATEThe history of Nevada, Volume 1, Sam Post Davis, Elms Publishing Company, Los Angeles, California, 1913.
STATEThe history of Nevada, Volume 2, Sam Post Davis, Elms Publishing Company, Los Angeles, California, 1913.
STATEHistory of Nevada, Myron Angel, Thomas & West, Oakland, California, 1881.
STATEThe history of the Comstock lode, 1850-1920, Grant Horace Smith, Nevada Bureau of Mines, Reno, Nevada, 1966.
STATENevada State Historical Society papers: 1925-1926, Reno, Nevada, 1926.
STATENevada territory pioneers who stayed, Sherman Lee Pompey, Pompey, S.L. Papers, 1967. [Item 2 on roll]
STATEPioneer Nevada, Thomas C. Wilson, [Volume 1?] Harold’s Club, Reno, Nevada, c1951
STATEPioneer Nevada, Volume 2, Harold’s Club, Reno, Nevada, 1956.
STATENevada centennial magazine: 1864-1964, Charles R. Bell, Tyler Printing Company, Phoenix, Arizona
STATE –   Who’s who in Nevada: brief sketches of men who are making history in the Sagebrush State, Bessie Beatty, Home Printing Company, Los Angeles, California, 1907.

CARSON CITY (Independent City) – NONE
CLARK – 100 years on The Muddy, Arabell Lee Hafner, Art City Publication, Springville, Utah, 1967.
ELKO – The History of development of Elko County, Lulu Belle Hurley, Reno, Nevada, 1910.
ESMERALDA – Historic legends of Nye and Esmeralda Counties, Fred S. Cook, The Printery, Pahrump, Nevada, 197_?
ESMERALDA“Facts” about Goldfield, Nevada : the greatest gold camp in the world, Forward Mining Development Company, App Printing company, Denver, Colorado, c1905.
LANDER – History of Lander County: a thesis submitted to the faculty of the University of Nevada, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree Master of Arts, Buster L. King, University of Nevada Reno, 1954.
NYE – Historic legends of Nye and Esmeralda Counties, Fred S. Cook, The Printery, Pahrump, Nevada, 197_?
WASHOE – Bowers Mansion, Gloria Millicent Mapes & Eilley Orrum Bowers, Reno Chapter, Daughters of the American Colonists, Reno, Nevada, 1952.
WHITE PINE – White River Valley then and now, 1898-1980, White River Valley Historical Committee, Melayne Printing, Provo, Utah, c1980

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