John Alberty (1818-1861) & Susannah Douthit: Grandchildren & Beyond: Family of William Washington Alberty & Nancy Abrams

Today’s Alberty sketch covers the family of William Washington Alberty and his wife, Nancy E. Abrams.

Wash Alberty, as he went by, was born in February 1856, in Newton County, Missouri, the son of John Alberty and Susannah Douthit. Wash was just old enough to have a bit of memory of his father, who died in 1861. Wash died between the 1920 U.S. census, when the family lived in Quapah, Ottawa, Oklahoma, and the 1925 Kansas state census, when widowed Nancy was living with son John W. Alberty in Crawford, Cherokee, Kansas. There is no gravestone found for Wash in either state.

W.W. Alberty married Nancy E. Abrams  about 1880, when they were enumerated in Newton County, Missouri. Wash was 24 and Nancy was 16 years old.

Nancy was born 7 October 1862 in Indiana (probably Franklin County), the daughter of William G. Abrams and Eveline George. She died 24 December 1937 and is buried in Columbus, Cherokee, Kansas.

Wash farmed for many years of his adult life, but in 1920, the last census in which he is found, he was working in the lead and zinc mine in Quapaw, Ottawa, Oklahoma.

I think this family struggled somewhat to survive, as siblings lived together off and on, even in adulthood.


1. Ada (Addie) Elizabeth was born in March 1882, Newton County, Missouri and died in 1954 in Lane County, Oregon. She married and had three children, a daughter Rebecca B., born c1906, a son, Cecil, born c1915 (died after 1940), both in Missouri and a second son, George Wesley, born 21 August 1923 (died 23 March 1988, San Francisco, CA) in Oklahoma. No marriage record has been found for her and it appears the children probably had different fathers.

There is a likely candidate to be Rebecca’s Greenlee father, as Addie kept the Greenlee surname for the rest of her life. In 1910, Elizabeth was living in Webb City, Jasper, Missouri in Ward 3. Also in Ward 3 was one John David Greenlee, living with his sister’s family just a couple of blocks away from Elizabeth. She reported that she was married, but was the sole adult head of household. David reported that he was widowed, a common happening when someone didn’t want to admit that a marriage had broken down. J. David Greenlee was born on 21 June 1880 and died in Webb City on 11 February 1913. His death certificate indicated that he was married when he died, not divorced or widowed, and from 1920 onward, Elizabeth reported she was a widow.

2. John Wesley, born 12 November 1885, Newton County, Missouri and died 17 February 1936, Cherokee County, Kansas. He married Mary Alberta Hadlow on 12 August 1907 in Lawrence County, Missouri. She was born on 27 March 1886 in Barry County, Missouri and died 10 April 1984. She is buried with John at Greenlawn Cemetery, Cherokee County, Kansas. They were the parents of three children – Grace Oneta, Wilma Lorraine and John Raymond.

3. Stella May was born 28 September 1888, Newton County, Missouri and died on 9 April 1936 in Picher, Ottawa, Oklahoma. she married (1) Charles E. Rimmer, 24 December 1906, Newton County, Missouri (2) Wesley Robinson, 13 February 1911, Carthage, Jasper, Missouri (3) Mr. Grayson (1920 census shows her as widow Stella Grayson)and (4) Charles Letcher Lafferty (19 February 1874-21 May 1944 and his gravestone calls him “The Rover.” Stella had one daughter, Georgia Gladys Rimmer.

4. George Arthur was born 21 May 1893 in either Newton or Jasper County, MIssouri and died on 8 July 1937 in Ottawa County, Oklahoma. He never married and lived with siblings in Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma.

5. Nancy A. was born on 29 June 1896 in Newton County, Missouri and died in February 1986, Ottawa County, Oklahoma. She married Wolford Robitaille, 16 October 1930 in Ottawa County, Oklahoma as his second wife. He was a member of the Eastern Shawnee Ottawa tribe. He was born on 10 August 1894 and died in September 1975. They had one daughter, Oma Lee.

6. Lottie B. was born 23 October 1899, Newton County, Missouri and died on 7 July 1963, Benton County, Washington. She married Arthur Charles Eakman on 1 September 1928 in Ottawa County, Oklahoma. He was born in 1893 and died 13 May 1956 in Prosser, Benton, Washington. They had no children of their own, but adopted one son, Frank, born c1924 in Missouri.

There is one more Alberty family left to identify – that of Margaret Elnora, youngest child of John and Susannah (Douthit) Alberty of Newton County, Missouri.

We will take a look at her family tomorrow.


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  1. Even though I know that Ottawa locations exist in the US, it still confuses me when I see the name pop up in that context, being born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario 🙂

    Fascinating sketch and interesting observations about Addie. I hope she found some happiness in life…

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