John Alberty (1818-1861) & Susannah Douthit: Grandchildren & Beyond: Family of Nancy Jane & Nathan Jarvis

Nancy Jane Alberty, the third child and third daughter of John Alberty and his wife, Susannah Douthit, was born on 15 May 1845 in Newton County, Missouri.

Like many of her siblings, Nancy spent her entire life in the southwestern corner of Missouri. She married three times: (1) Thomas Benton Hall (1843-1861), c1861 (2) Nathan Jarvis, 11 February 1864, Newton County, Missouri and (3) John W. Yeoman, 13 May 1882, Lawrence County, Missouri.

Nancy had children with all three husbands:

1. Thomas Benton Hall, born 1862

2. Sarah Lucinda Jarvis
3. Susan Elizabeth Jarvis
4. Martha Jane Jarvis
5. Eliza Jarvis
6. John Hogan Jarvis
7. Alonzo Nathan Jarvis
8. George Theodore Jarvis

9. Amelia J. Yeoman
10. George Benjamin Yeoman

Many have attributed Annie B. Yeoman, born January 1880 as Nancy’s child. However, she was in her father’s home in 1880 before Nancy married him, so her mother was John Yeoman’s first wife, Rebecca.

Her oldest child was with Bent Hall. The others were children of Nathan Jarvis.

Nancy’s Children:

Many Newton County, Missouri records burned in a courthouse fire in 1862. However, it appears that Thomas Benton Hall, aged about 18, married Nancy Jane Alberty, aged about 16, in early 1861. He reportedly died on 11 August 1861, so they were married only a few months.  Thomas’s cause of death is unknown. He is buried at Van Buren Union Cemetery in Newton County.

Thomas and Nancy were the parents of one son, Thomas Benton Hall, born 5 January 1862, who lived at home with Nathan and Nancy Jarvis in 1870. He was also at home with Nancy in 1880, when she was listed as a widow.

Thomas married Emma R. Stotts on 18 May 1882 in Lawrence County, Missouri, but then they moved fairly often. In 1900, the family lived in Indian Territory (later Oklahoma). In 1910, they lived in Mountain Air, Torrance, New Mexico. By 1921, they had moved on to Farmington, San Juan County, New Mexico, where both Thomas and Emma died, she in 1934 and Thomas in 1955.

They were the parents of 7 children, with six identified: Artie May, Charley F., Pearl J., Sadie, Horace Elden and Beulah.

Thomas’s later occupation was promoter for an oil company, so a theory is that he was in Oklahoma before statehood and worked in the oil industry before being sent to New Mexico.

Nancy had several more children with Nathan Jarvis: Sarah Lucinda, Susan Elizabeth, Martha J., Jonathan Hogan and Alonzo Nathan.

Nancy’s second child, and the first with Nathan Jarvis, was Sarah Lucinda Jarvis, born on 13 December 1864  and died on 21 December 1932, both in Ritchey, Newton County, MO. She married Joseph Henry Beck on 5 May 1882, also in Newton County. He was born 1 January 1861 and died on 30 January 1938. Both are buried at Van Buren Union Cemetery. They were the parents of six children: Maud E., Oscar Oral, Vance L., Minnie and a son who was born and died on 1 January 1888 and a second son, born and died on 20 November 1897.

The third child of Nancy Alberty is Susan Elizabeth Jarvis, born on 26 February 1867. Susan married William H. Yeoman, 18 May 1882 in Lawrence County, Missouri. Therefore, her stepfather was also her father-in-law! In 1900, the Yeomans lived in Indian Territory, so may have traveled with her half brother, Thomas Bent Hall and settled there. William and Susan, or Ellen as she went by, had no children of their own. In 1900, a two year old orphan named Ona Allin lived with them. Susan died on 26 January 1908 and is buried at Talala, Rogers, Oklahoma. William was born on 12 March 1862, but predeceased her on 15 December 1907.  There are NO descendants in this line.

Nancy’s fourth child is Martha Jane Jarvis, who was born on 17 January 1869. She died on 19 January 1916 of pneumonia, just a couple of days after her 47th birthday, in Lawrence County, MO. Martha married  Ulysses Grant Stotts on 5 November 1885 in Lawrence County. They were the parents of ten children, nine of whom grew to adulthood: Myrtle W., Benjamin N., David (died aged 13 months), Charles U., Millie, Clarence A., Nancy J., Emma, Cecil, and Margaret M.

Nancy’s fifth child is Eliza Alice Jarvis, born February 1871; died 12 September 1955, Chelsea, Rogers, Oklahoma; married Jonathan M. Yeoman, 2 June 1885, Lawrence County, Missouri. He was born in 1863; died in 1947, also in Chelsea, Rogers, Oklahoma. By 1900, they, too, Like Bent Hall and William & Susan Yeoman,  were living in Indian Territory. They were the parents of five children: William John, Ethel Edna, Edgar Walter, Clyde Elzie and Lelia Fern.

Nancy’s sixth child is John Hogan Jarvis, born on 9 March 1873; died 6 February 1953, Carthage, Jasper, Missouri. He married Mary Alice Binney on 17 May 1893, Newton County, Missouri. She was born 24 September 1873; died 27 November 1947. Both are buried in Van Buren Union Cemetery, although they lived in Grant County, Kansas for a while. They were the parents of six children: Claude Everett, Loren Emery, Edith Pearl, Carl Herbert, Oral Glenn and Huber Leon.

Nancy’s seventh child is Alonzo Nathan Jarvis, who was born 21 January 1876 and died on 27 July 1950 in Ottawa County, OK. He was buried in Sixkiller Cemetery, Delaware County, Oklahoma. He married Bertha L. Harvey on 9 December 1894, Newton County, Missouri. She was born 8 March 1878; died 24 April 1963. Bertha is buried with Alonzo in Sixkiller Cemetery. They were the parents of nine children: Blanche Minnie, Theodore Harvey, Bailey Duard, Alice Alta, Lette Berle, Frankie Thelma, Marie Freda, Gladys Irene and Alonzo Nathan Jr.

Nancy’s eighth child is George Theodore Jarvis, born 1878 and died in 1951, Chelsea, Rogers, Oklahoma. He married Myrtle May Ingram on 14 June 1900 in Newton County. She was born in 1881 and died 27 October 1962 in Indianapolis, Indiana, but is buried with George in Chelsea. In 1910, they were living in Rogers County, Oklahoma and Myrtle reported giving birth to three children, but only one was still living – LeRoy Emmett, born 7 August 1908 in Whitman County, Washington. (The two who died were Oris Eldon, who died in 1904, aged 3 years and Earl Raymond, who died in 1909, aged 5 years.) However, they were parents of three children who lived to adulthood – Emmett LeRoy, Georgia Mae and George Theodore Jr.

Nancy’s ninth child is Amelia J. Yeoman, born April 1883; died 1912, Newton County, MO. She married Grant Thomas Elliott, 15 October 1902, Newton County. They had two sons, Claude Earl and Allan Bryant.

Nancy’s tenth and youngest child George Benjamin Yeoman, born on 16 January 1886 and died 17 November 1964 in Florence, Lane, Oregon. He married (1) Kathleen Nancy Mendenhall, 24 July 1912, Newton County, MO and (2) LaDessa Georgia (Prescott) Hendrickson, 2 August 1950, Humboldt County, California. George and Kathleen divorced as she married (2) Julius C. Sammelmann, 29 May 1951, Eugene, Lane, Oregon. George and Kathleen were the parents of two sons: Kenneth George and Hubert Frank.

Thus, Nancy (Alberty( (Hall) (Jarvis) Yeoman had 50 grandchildren who survived to adulthood. She has many, many descendants today.




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