John Alberty (1818-1861) & Susannah Douthit: Grandchildren & Beyond: Family of Julia & William Stanberry

The Alberty family, descended from Revolutionary War soldier Frederick Alberty of North Carolina, is quite extensive and I’ve written about a number of the family members in the past.

However, I recently realized that although I’ve shared information about John S. Alberty and wife Susannah Douthit and named their children, I have never followed their family lines past those ten children except for the line of my husband’s great grandmother. That would be John and Susan’s next to youngest child, Martha Susannah.

Martha married Abijah Sturgell, son of that rascal Isaac Sturgell, about whom I have written extensively.

Therefore, today’s is the first of several posts that will follow the lives of John and Susannah’s seven other children who married and have descendants: Julia, Nancy Jane, George Andrew, Mary, Eliza, William Washington and Margaret Elnora.

Sarah, their second child,married Rufus Armstrong, c1862, as his second wife. Rufus married (1) Nancy L. (MNU), born 17 July 1832, Tennessee; died 12 November 1861, Newton County, MO. They had four children together by 1860 – John Collum, Aaron A., Mary E. and Frances Ellen. The 1870 and 1880 censuses show no younger children in the home who could be children of Sarah. In 1900, Sarah reported that she was the mother of four children, all still living. However, it appears that she considered Nancy’s children to be her own. Therefore, there are no Alberty descendants through Sarah’s line.

Their fourth child, Henry, born in 1847, died unmarried on 18 December 1864.

Martha’s life is told through a number of Sturgell posts, which can be accessed through the menu on the left side of this blog.

Here begins the descendants of John & Susannah’s remaining children:

Julia Alberty was the eldest of the eight children born to John and Susannah (Douthit) Alberty.

Julia was born on 24 September 1841 in Washington County, Arkansas, which is just over the state line from  Missouri. It appears that Julia was the only child of John and Susan to have been born in Arkansas as the family soon moved slightly north into Newton County, Missouri.

Julia married William Henry McCollum Stanbery, c1856,  when she was about 15 years old. No marriage record has been found, but Newton County’s courthouse burned in 1862, destroying many records.

Note that their surname is found as Stanbery, Stanberry, Stansbary, Stansbury, and Stansberry in the records.

William Stanbery, based on information found on his death certificate, was a New Year’s baby, born on 1 January. However, the 1850 census shows him born in 1833; his death certificate says 1831. 1 January 1833 is most likely correct, given his reported age in the 1850 census.

William’s parents, Samuel P. and Matilda Stanbery, moved several times during their married life. They reportedly married and had several children born in Washington County, Tennessee, but by 1830 lived in McMinn County, where William would have been born.

By 1840, the Stanberys had moved on to Barry County, Missouri and, by 1850, finally settled in Newton County.

They lived in Van Buren, the same town in which the Albertys had settled and the families likely knew each other well, as both had Southern roots.

In 1860, William, Julia and their two young sons were living next door to Julia’s family in Van Buren.

In 1900, Julia reported that she had given birth to ten children with eight surviving. Nine can be accounted for in census records.

Children (All born Newton County, MO):

1. John F. Marion, born c1857; John appears to have died before 1900. However, who he married and where he died is open to question. Online trees have him dying in Tennessee or Arkansas and naming his wife as Mary E. Hanse and Mary E. Wilson. His son, Arthur, born 23 September 1878, settled in Rogers County, Oklahoma, where he died in 1936. Grace Stanberry, born c1891 and listed as the stepdaughter of Henry Douthit in Newton County, MO in 1910 may also be a child of John. Betty Stansberry married R.H. Douthitt in Newton County, MO on 30 March 1902.
2. George Samuel, born c1859; died in 1920, according to his gravestone (modern marker), but he was living as of 17 May 1920 when the census taker came around; married Mary A. Wood, 17 April 1881, Newton County, MO. They had eight children.
3. William Henry, born c1861; died between 1898-1910, probably Missouri or Arkansas (online trees say he died 4 May 1901, Newton County, MO, but I haven’t found proof.); married Melissa Jane Wood, 14 July 1881, Newton County, Missouri. She was born 20 April 1865; died 22 January 1918, Pulaski County, AR, but was buried in Washington County, AR. The 1910 census shows Melissa living in Lawrence County, MO with sons  27, 16 and 11, but she reported she had given birth to 7 children with 6 still living. This family hasn’t been found in 1900, which might answer many questions.
4. Susan M. Elizabeth, born September 1863; died 21 July 1958, aged 95 years, 10 months and 6 days, according to her obituary; married William York, 11 March 1888. He was born 13 January 1861/82; died 4 October 1936. They had eight children.
5. Isaac W., born July 1866; died after 1900, when he was living in Joplin, Jasper, Missouri; married Susan E. (MNU). Susan was born in March 1871, MO. One child died before the 1900 census. This family hasn’t been found after 1900. However, two of their 3 children in 1900 were born in Texas.
6. Levi Allen, born April 1868 or 1869; died 21 June 1954, Liberty, Barton, Kansas; married Stella Miller, 22 March 1895, Newton County, MO. Stella was born July 1873, KS; also died after 1940. They had three sons, Orville, William Luther and Lloyd.
7. Daniel, born c1871; died after 1930, probably in Beaver County, OK; married (1) Laura Keller (2) Myrtle L. (MNU), a widow who was his sister-in-law. Daniel’s daughter Jessie was born on 17 June 1895, Prairie Dell, Bell, Texas. Laura was born c1865, KY; died after 17 June 1895. He and brother Isaac may have gone there together.
8. Eliza Elnora, born 17 February 1874; died 7 December 1946, Carthage, Jasper, MO; married Columbus R. Blackburn, 6 November 1901, Newton County, MO. He was born 2 May 1857, KY; died 1926. They had one son who died in infancy and a daughter, Irene, who married and had one son.
9. Thomas (Gedoe?), born 11 October 1880; died 30 September 1951, Parsons, Labette, Kansas; married Grace Churchill. c1910, probably in Parsons, Labette, KS. She was born 20 February 1883; died 2 October, 1944, both in KS. They had three sons.

There are a couple of comments to make about this family. There is an online tree at Ancestry that has exact dates of birth and death for all these children, including Marion, Henry and Isaac, but no places noted. Because of all the dates and the fact that they fit the time periods to which I’ve narrowed their deaths, I think someone might have access to a family Bible.

Also, I have no photos of this branch of the Alberty family. However, several trees have a nice photo of William and Julia taken later in life, probably c1900. If you are descended from them, you might want to check it out.

This covers grandchildren of John and Susan (Douthit) Alberty through their oldest child, Julia. More to come on her siblings’ families.


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