John Alberty (1818-1861) & Susannah Douthit: Grandchildren & Beyond: Family of George Andrew Alberty & Martha Pryor

George Andrew Alberty was the fifth child and second son of John Alberty and Susannah Douthit.  If I had to choose the child who had the life with the most sadness, George would win, hands down.

George was born on 13 February 1849 and died on 1 October 1906, both in Newton County, Missouri. His gravestone includes the title of “Elder,” but of which church, I have no idea. He married Martha E. Pryor on 26 December 1869. She was born 23 February 1854 and died on 29 December 1920. Both are buried in Van Buren Union Cemetery in Newton County.

The reason I would choose George as the child with the saddest life is because he and Martha were the parents of eight children, but SIX of them died young and not in any one pestilence.

I can’t imagine the heartache brought on by the deaths of six young children.

Seven of the children of George and Martha can be identified. The eighth perhaps was an unnamed infant.

  1. John Anderson, born 8 April 1871; died 4 April 1935; married (1) Annie M. Devers, 13 September 1891 (2) Nora Judson Cockrell, 27 November 1904, both in Newton County, Missouri. Anie was born 8 February 1872 and died 14 February 1903, both in Newton County, MO. Nora was born 4 June 1879 and died 24 April 1947. John had two children with Annie – Tressie Mae and Manola Elsie. He and Nora were the parents of five more children – Velma Lea, Cleota Clorie, Jaunita, Loy Gerland and Elbert Edwin.
  2. Rose E., born 1873; died 1887, both Newton County, MO
  3. Thomas, born 1876; died 1888
  4. Minnie V., born October 1877; died 1932; married Oscar Brownlee, 13 April 1902, Newton County, MO. They had six children , two of whom died young- Daughter (died aged 2 days), Laveta Beatrice, Hyacintha Dorothy (died aged 7 years in 1916, Goldie Lendell, Odessa Eline and Basil Erwin.
  5. Anna, born 1880; died before 1900.
  6. Son, born 10 April 1881; died 11 September 1881
  7. Jacob, born 28 June 1886; died 3 March 1887
  8. Unknown, born and died before 1900

Even though only two of George’s and Martha’s children married and had their own children, there may be quite a few descendants today from their eleven grandchildren.

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