Thomas Strutt of Long Melford, Suffolk, England, Who Died Before 10 December 1548

Thomas Strutt was the son of John Strutt and Isabelle/Elizabeth (MNU) of Long Melford, Suffolk, England. No birth/baptismal record has been found for Thomas, but he likely was born before 1500.

Thomas married Johane (MNU), who survived him. No death or burial record has been found for her.

Thomas was the first named child in his father’s will and, except for a bequest of a featherbed and cover made to his sister, Elizabeth, by his mother, he was bequeathed the remainder of his mother’s estate, too.

Thomas and Johane were the parents of five known children:

1. John, born c1520, probably Long Melford or Glemsford, Suffolk, England; buried 22 April 1591, Glemsford, Suffolk, England; married (1) Catherine (MNU), who was born c1520 and died in 1578 (2) Juliann Scott, 21 October 1578, Fynstead, Glemsford, Suffolk, England. Juliann survived her husband.

2. Erasmus, born c1527, probably Glemsford, Suffolk, England; buried 6 November 1557, Glemsford, Suffolk, England; married Alice Roberdes (Roberts?), 9 October 1552, Glemsford, Suffolk, England.

3. Audrey, married Mr. Hatch, between 1544-1557

4. Eustace, died after 1557

5. Ursula, died after 1591; married Thomas Brewster, before 1557.

Not much else has been discovered about this family, but eldest child John is the ancestor of the line that eventually settled in Massachusetts.

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  1. It’s funny – I always think of Audrey being a very “modern” name, yet clearly, it isn’t. Shows how we have to put aside all our misconceptions and preconceived ideas when we dive into our research.

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