Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Fearless Females 2021

March is here already and it’s Women’s History Month 2021. Randy Seaver has kept with that theme for this week’s Saturday Night Genealogy Fun:

1) Check out Lisa Alzo’s “Fearless Females 2021” blog post prompts and write about one of them.

My fearless female is my maternal grandmother, Hazel Ethel (Coleman) Adams(1901-1995).

I have many happy memories of times spent with Grandmother and one of those memories is how artistically and musically inclined she was.

Down in the basement of her house was a black piano, which is partially seen in this 1956 Christmas photo. It’s the best picture I have of the piano, which followed my grandparents when Grandfather retired and they moved house. The piano was also in the basement in the new house.

Although some people have pianos in their homes, they might often say that no one plays very much. Not so with Grandmother. She regularly played for herself and you can see the sheet music. Not that I’m very musical myself, but I think she played beautifully. I also believe she was self-taught!

Music wasn’t the only art form in which Grandmother displayed talent. She also loved to paint and was forever creating something. I have this tole painting that was probably done in the 1950s.

She also enjoyed stenciling furniture and apparently like the Asian influence and colors:

I think my cousin has this small sideboard.

Unfortunately, I didn’t inherit any of the musical or artistic talents that Grandmother had. That gene passed on to my cousin who has the furniture!

Thanks, Randy, for this week’s challenge. It’s a fun start to Women’s History Month 2021.

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