Moses Cleveland & Ruth Norton of Woburn, Edgartown in MA & Southold, NY

It is unusual when the most current research information is found in a book published at the end of the 19th century, but that is precisely what has happened as I tried to verify information about Moses Cleveland and his wife, Ruth Norton.

Edmund James Cleveland and Horace Gillette Cleveland published The Genealogy of the Cleveland & Cleaveland Families . . ., Hartford, Connecticut in 1899 and it still seems to be, for the most part, the go-to resource for information about the many Cleveland descendants.

While there are additional pieces of information gleaned about various family members, the Clevelands’ work has stood the test of time.

Moses Cleveland was born 1 September 1651 in Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts, the son of Moses Cleveland and Ann Winn. He married Ruth Norton on 4 October 1676, Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts.

Ruth was born c1657, the daughter of Nicholas Norton and Elizabeth, whose maiden name has never been proven, in spite of what can be found online.

Moses and Ruth were the parents of eight children:

  1. Anna, born 7 November 1677, Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts; died after 1734, probably Newport, Newport, Rhode Island; married Mr. Bell sometime after her 1699 deed in which she, a witness, was called Anna Cleveland.
  2. Elizabeth, born c1679, probably Edgartown, Dukes, Massachusetts; died 11 March 1748/49, Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts; married Joseph Moore, c1697.
  3. Ebenezer, born c1681, probably Edgartown, Dukes, Massachusetts; died before 1 January 1747, probably in Edgartown; married Mary Vincent/Vinson, 19 January 1704/05, Edgartown, Dukes, Massachusetts.
  4. John, born c1684, probably Edgartown, Dukes, Massachusetts; died before 2 May 1749, Freetown, Bristol, Massachusetts; married Martha Simons/Simmons, 1 January 1711/12, Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts.
  5. Joseph, born 31 March 1686, Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts (or more likely in Edgartown, even though his birth was recorded in Woburn); died before 31 January 1757, Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts; married Ruth Burt.
  6. Nicholas, born c1688, probably Edgartown, Dukes, Massachusetts; lost at sea; unmarried.
  7. Ruth, born c1691, probably Edgartown, Dukes, Massachusetts; no further record.
  8. Ichabod, born 25 June 1695, Southold, Suffolk, New York; died about 17 March 1768, Southold, Suffolk, New York; married Anna Moore.

Moses and Ruth likely removed from Massachusetts to New York in the spring or summer of 1694. They had sold their property on Job’s Neck, Martha’s Vineyard on 8 March 1694 to Samuel Smith. Not that it affects any of this information, but for whatever reason, the deed was not recorded until 13 January 1730/31.

Given that the Clevelands lived in Woburn, Martha’s Vineyard and Southold on Long Island in New York, they left a very small paper trail.

If anyone can add further, more recent documentation to this family, please leave a comment!


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