John Maynard and Wives (1) Unknown and (2) Mary (MNU), Widow of Thomas Axtell, Sudbury, MA

John Maynard’s English home has been identified as the county of Cambridge, where he was born c1600. He died on 10 December 1672 in Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts.

John Maynard married twice. His first marriage took place in England c1625 to (Unknown). John had one surviving child born to this first wife.

John Maynard married (2) Mary (MNU), 16 June 1646, Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts. Mary was the widow of Thomas Axtell. Thomas was baptized on 26 January 1618/19, Berkhamstead, Hertfordshire, England, the son of William and Thomasine (MNU) Axtell.  Thomas Axtell died on 8 March 1646 in Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts.

Thomas left a nuncupative will, leaving all his estate to bring up his children. Mary remarried only three months after Thomas’s death; having small children may have precipitated a quick second marriage.

John Maynard died 10 December 1672 at Sudbury. Mary’s death date is unknown, but she survived John.

Child (with Unknown) (All events in Sudbury unless otherwise stated):

1. John, born c1626; died Marlborough, Middlesex, Massachusetts; married Mary Gates, 5 April 1658.

Children (with Mary (MNU)(All events in Sudbury unless otherwise stated):

2. Zachariah, born 7 June 1674; died 11 February 1723/24; married Hannah Goodridge (Goodrich), 15 July 1678.
3. Elizabeth, born 26 May 1649; died 5 June 1676; married Joseph Graves, 15 January 1665.
4. Lydia, born c1651; died 23 November 1717; married Joseph Moore, between 1668/69 – October 1669, probably in Sudbury.
5. Hannah, born 30 September 6153; died before 6 September 1672, as she is not listed in her father’s will.
6. Mary, born 3 August 1656; died 4 November 1677, Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts; married Daniel Hudson, 21 July 1674.

Will of John Maynard, 1672
Middlesex County, MA File 14851
Source: American Ancestors

I am sharing an image of the will of John Maynard, but the image is not crisp, so I am not going to even attempt to transcribe it. His wife, Mary, is mentioned along with all of his children except Hannah.

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