Isaac Cleveland & Alice (MNU) of St. Stephen Ipswich, Norfolk, England

This family sketch will be a short one, due to the limited information available at the turn of the 16th century.

Scholarly research has been done on the English origins of Moses Cleveland who married Ann Winn and lived in Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts and then in Southold, Suffolk, New York.

Three more generations before Moses have been identified, although details are few.

1. William Cleveland was born c1505 and buried at Ipswich, Suffolk, England on 28 November 1565. The wife of William Cleveland (name unknown) was buried at Ipswich on 31 December 1568. They had one known son:

2. Richard Cleveland was born in July 1542 at Ipswich and died after August 1605. His wife was Alice (MNU). They had a son:

3. Isaac Cleveland was baptized at Ipswich on 1 January 1584/85 and was buried there on 3 June 1626. His wife’s name was Alice (MNU). She was buried, just one month before her husband,  at St. Stephen Ipswich, Suffolk, England on 4 May 1626. London was experiencing a plague epidemic, which spread to other parts of England.

There was a record in the St. Stephen Church minutes stating that Isaac left six children to the charge of the parish, so he evidently was not a man of means.

Because St. Stephen’s records are somewhat incomplete, only the names of three of Isaac’s and Alice’s children are known. The other three children were likely born earlier than the three who have been identified in the baptismal records.


1. Unknown; died after 3 June 1626.
2. Unknown; died after 3 June 1626
3. Unknown; died after 3 June 1626
4. Moses, baptized at St. Stephen Ipswich on 2 February 1621; died 9 January 1701/02, Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts; married Ann Winn.
5. Aaron,
baptized 1 May 1623; buried 7 April 1627, both at St. Stephen Ipswich.
6. Enoch,
baptized 8 May 1625; no further record.

Until and unless further research is done in English church records, this is all that has been documented about immigrant Moses Cleveland’s ancestors.


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  1. How sad to die, knowing your children will be, in essence, charity cases and dependent on others to provide for them. One hopes that other family members or close neighbours cared for them with genuine affection.

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