Immigrant Richard Woodward, MA 1634

Richard and Rose (MNU) Woodward are the immigrant patriarch and matriarch of the early Massachusetts Woodward family. They enrolled at Ipswich, Suffolk, England to sail on the Elizabeth in 1634 to Massachusetts.

Their origins are unknown, although in 1665, Amos Woodward of Colchester, Essex, England (only about 20 miles away from Ipswich) mentioned a bequest in his will to “my uncle’s children’s children.” Amos Woodward was born c1625, so Richard Woodward, born c1589, might well be his uncle. Richard had a grandson, Amos, son of George Woodward.

As far as I know, no further research has been done to determine what, if any, relationship there is between Amos and Richard.

Richard Woodward was born c1589 and took the occupation of miller. Apart of the possible ties to Amos Woodward, there are no clues as to his ancestral home or his parentage.

When he and Rose sailed to their new home, their two sons, George and John, accompanied them. Both boys were said to be about 13 years old, but apparently they were not twins and their ages are off just a bit.

The Woodward family settled in Watertown, where Richard was made a freeman in 1635. Rose (MNU) Woodward died on 6 October 1662, aged about 80 years. In an earlier deposition, her year of birth would have been c1582 and she was 50 years old when they left England in 1634. Her year of birth, then, is c1580-1584, but 1584 is likely the most accurate as 1634 is the earliest indication where her age was provided in a document.

There is a Rose West who married Richard Woodward at St. Margaret Pattens Church in London on 13 May 1613, but there is also a Richard Woodward who married Rose Braddin on 13 May 1628 at Sandridge, Hertfordshire. Two children born to some Richard and Rose Woodward are Alice, baptized on 17 March 1629 and Rose, baptized 18 March 1631 at St. Stephen St. Albans.

However, there is no indication that any of these records pertain to immigrants Richard and Rose!

Richard Woodward married (2) Ann Veare, widow of Stephen Gates in the spring of 1663. A marriage contract was written on 18 April 1663 to protect the legacies of the heirs of Stephen Gates.

Richard passed away in Watertown on 16 February 1664/65 with the inventory of his estate taken just five days later.


1. George, born c1619, England; married (1) Mary (MNU), c1640 (2) Elizabeth Hammond, 17 August 1659.

2. John, born c1621, England; married (1) Mary (MNU) (2) Abigail Benjamin, widow of Joshua Stubbs, c1658.

This ends my posts on the Woodward family.

My line of descent is:

  1. Richard Woodward = Rose
  2. John Woodward = Abigail Benjamin
  3. John Woodward = Susannah Grout
  4. John Woodward = Saphira Moore
  5. Mary Woodward = Robert Wilson
  6. Robert Wilson = Dolly Holmes
  7. Maria Wilson = Benjamin Parker
  8. Sarah Ann Parker = Daniel Adams
  9. Calvin Segee Adams = Nellie F. Tarbox
  10. Charles Edwin Adams = Annie Maude Stuart
  11. Vernon Tarbox Adams = Hazel Ethel Coleman
  12. Doris Priscilla Adams = George Michael Sabo
  13. Linda Anne Sabo Stufflebean – Me!




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  1. My name is Jacob Woodward, I am a direct descendant of Richard Woodward through his son George. I know a bit about my branch of the Woodward family which eventually left Massachusetts, settling across New Hampshire, Vermont, and New York.

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