Hootie News!

It’s been two weeks now since I shared the story of my injured Hootie, our family Western screech owl. There hasn’t been much to report since then, but I did learn something very important.
My beautiful little guy is actually a beautiful little lady, so I have to get used to calling her my beautiful girl.
Next, her eye injury is healing and the prognosis is good, so I am hoping they will bring her back soon to release her in her wash.
I am also very excited to share that my beautiful Hootie is the rock star this week on the Tucson Wildlife Center website. We originally thought her injury was her foot, but it seems that one is old and healed.
That is an important detail because I hope you will visit the Tucson Wildlife Center website to see the BEST EVER photo of Hootie. I know I am very biased, but she is gorgeous! Just scroll to the FEATURED NEWS. Notice how her feet are being displayed and you can see the bait trap injury to her right foot. You can also see how small she is, which is why she fits perfectly in the cubby of our patio roof.
Nap Time for Hootie
The Tucson Wildlife Center, founded back in 1998, does great work and it’s all volunteer. If any of you are inclined to make a small donation online, I know they’d appreciate it.  The center is a busy place, as Hootie was Patient #215 this year.
If you do donate, would you please note that it is in honor of Hootie?
If you missed my earlier story about Hootie’s injury and adventure, here it is:
Hootie came back home to us the day before Thanksgiving and stayed with us until two weeks ago, Friday, Feb. 19. She came home that morning at 6:42, but something was not right.
I’ve never seen Hootie landing in the cubby, but at 6:41, Hootie was sideways in the rafters with the left wing partly opened. A few minutes later, she was sitting in the usual position although her face looked weird, not with eyes closed and settled in for a daytime nap.
Even so, I closed the shade in my den, as I always do, to block the morning sun. Midday, I opened the shade and Hootie wasn’t there! That never happens. Hootie never, ever leaves the cubby until dusk.
I went out in the backyard to look around and Hootie was on the ground looking at the house, next to the BBQ and pool. Dave tried to approach, but she kind of hissed and spit at him. However, I talk to Hootie all the time and when I crouched and talked, she let me get within two feet of her.
However, I wasn’t successful trying to catch Hootie so we hired a young man I call the Owl Whisperer (1st Response Wildlife) who came to the house. I was amazed. He wore gloves, but with one hand and one try, he captured Hootie!
The Owl Whisperer told us Hootie had a foot injury from a bait trap and showed us the foot. It looked kind of weird. However, the Wildlife Center told me Hootie was being treated for an eye injury.
When Hootie is ready, they will bring her back here to release her in her kingdom – the wash in our yard. I hope it’s soon!

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