Edward Frost & Thomasine Belgrave of Stansted, Suffolk, England, 1500s

Thanks to a scholarly article by Harold F. Porter Jr., J.D., The Strutt Ancestry of Thomasine Frost Wife of Edmund Rice of Sudbury, Mass., published in The American Genealogist, Volume 61 (1985) Pages 161-166, I have learned much about Edward Frost and his wife, Thomasine Belgrave, who lived in Glemsford and Stansted, Suffolk, England in the 1500s.

I will also be sharing Thomasine Belgrave’s ancestry in a future post.

Edward Frost was baptized on 13 March 1560/61 at Glemsford, Suffolk, England, the son of John Frost. His mother is not named in the baptismal record and she apparently predeceased her husband.

He married Thomasine Belgrave, who was baptized on 1 February 1561 in Leverington, Cambridge, England, the daughter of John Belgrave and Joanna Strutt.

Edward Frost and wife Thomasine were the parents of twelve children, but many of them died young.


  1. Anne, baptized 26 November 1586; buried 27 December 1586, both at Glemsford, Suffolk, England.
  2. Elizabeth, baptized 24 March 1587, Gelmsford, Suffolk, England; died 20 June 1647, Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts; married (1) Henry Rice, 27 November 1605, Glemsford, Suffolk, England (2) Philemon Whale, 24 January 1621, St. Mary Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, England.
  3. William, baptized 3 August 1589, Stanstead, Suffolk, England; died after 26 July 1616.
  4. Ann, baptized 3 December 1592, Stanstead, Suffolk, England; died after 26 July 1616; married Lawrence Collinge, 1613, St. Mary Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, England.
  5. Alice, baptized 1 December 1594, Stanstead, Suffolk, England; married Thomas Blower, 1612, Stanstead, Suffolk, England.
  6. Mary, baptized 21 September 1596; buried 23 November 1596, both at Stanstead, Suffolk, England.
  7. Thomasine, baptized 11 August 1600, Stanstead, Suffolk, England; married Edmund Rice, 1619, Stanstead, Suffolk, England.
  8. Edward, baptized 11 November 1605, Stanstead, Suffolk, England; died before 26 July 1616, probably at Stanstead.
  9. Mary, baptized 21 January 1607, Stanstead, Suffolk, England; died after 26 July 1616. She may have been the Mary Frost to marry John Scott in 1622 and/or Edmund Dodd i n1628, both in Stanstead.
  10. John, baptized 20 January 1609; died before 26 July 1616.
  11. Thomas, baptized 30 April 1615; buried 23 June 1615, both at Stanstead.
  12. Thomas, baptized 21 April 1616; died before 26 July 1616, probably both at Stanstead.

I have to say how grateful I am to all the researchers who not only uncover early ancestry of American colonial families, but they take the time to publish scholarly articles. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Edward Frost & Thomasine Belgrave of Stansted, Suffolk, England, 1500s”

  1. Very cool to go so far back – were you able to see those Parish Registers online? I loved the way back then, so many ministers left the mother out of the equation.

    I wish I could find more scholarly articles of this nature about my ancestors (I have searched PERSI and found very little)…the only one who shows up regularly is the 2nd great-uncle who moved to Paris and published erotica between 1895 and 1915 (or so – at some point he succumbed to the worst effects of syphilis and died in an asylum in 1921).

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