The Rest of the Children of Ephraim Thompson: Elmore, Elias, Hannah and Rebecca

As I long ago covered the families of Ephraim’s and Sarah’s two oldest children, Annie, who married James Madison Holland, and Sarah, who married Samuel W. Scott, and then recently covered the family of their son Ervin, I decided I need to share the families of their four remaining identified children – Elmore, Elias, Hannah and Rebecca.

Here are the basics on each:

Elmore Thompson was born c1805, likely in Washington County, Kentucky. He died before 13 September 1840, Howard County, Missouri, when his father was appointed administrator of his estate. Elmore married Martha Smith, 25 February 1830, Howard County, Missouri. She was born c1808, Kentucky and died 12 October 1881, Boone County, Missouri, where she lived with her daughter Elizabeth Long’s family.

Children (All events Howard County, Missouri):

  1. Sarah Ann, born 8 January 1831; died 10 February 1913; married Thomas Henry Richards (1824-1911) on 19 October 1848.
  2. Permelia, born 27 April 1833; died 29 August 1875; married William J. Rowland (1825-1862) on 2 February 1854.
  3. Mary F., born c1835; died between 1860-1870 censuses; married Robert Alexander Cornelius (1829-1893) on 25 October 1855.
  4. Elizabeth, born 27 March 1837; died 26 July 1915; married John Milton Long (1835-1920) on 29 October 1857.

Elias Thompson (administrator of his father’s estate) was born 6 October 1809, Washington County, Kentucky; died 23 April 1877, Howard County, Missouri; married Permelia Smith, c1834. She was born c1809 and died in 1890.

Children Cynthia, John and Nancy were not mentioned in Elias’s will.

Children (All events in Howard County, Missouri unless noted):

1. Hannah Ann, born 28 March 1835; died 23 September 1897, Boone County, Missouri; married Edward M. Thornton (1826-1913), 14 March 1854, Boone County, Missouri.
2. Cynthia, born c1838; died after 1850; no further record
3. Catherine Zerilda, born 1840; died 13 March 1888, Missouri; married James F. Epperson (1830-1900), c1857.
4. George Wilcox, born c1843; died 12 November 1917; married Eliza Wilcox Forbis (1844-1903) on 16 October 1866.
5. Mary Ellena, born 23 January 1845; died 5 September 1893; married (1) Henry Clay McKinney (1848-1880), c1872 and (2) Samuel Alexander Chitwood (1848-1922), 1 September 1880, Boone County, Missouri.
6. John H., born c1846; died after 1850 census; no further record
7. Nancy Jane, born c1847; died after 1850 census; no further record.
8. Thomas D., born 26 January 1849; died 22 February 1910; married Rebecca A. Hart (1855-1941) on 9 September 1879, Boone County, Missouri.

Hannah Thompson was born c1810, Washington County, Kentucky, died after the 28 August 1870 federal census, probably in Howard County, Missouri; married William Alexander, 10 January 1833, Boone County, Missouri.

Children: (All events in Howard County, Missouri unless noted.)

  1. Commodore Perry (aka C.P.), born c1834; died 18 November 1897, Lampasas County, Texas; a railroad man who never married. In 1860, he was unmarried and living with his uncle Ervin Thompson’s family in Cow House, Coryell County, Texas.
  2. Amanda Ellen, born February 1836; died 1935, Caldwell County, Texas; married John Hocker (1834-1908), c1861.
  3. Irvin, born c1839; died after the 1860 census; no further record.
  4. Elizabeth, born 1839; died 1909; unmarried.
  5. Robert Bruce, born 4 September 1843; died 10 March 1915; married Mary Elgin (1847-1926) on 1 December 1870. No children.
  6. Sallie, born 21 February 1849; died 14 February 1920; unmarried.

Rebecca Thompson was born c1813, Washington County, Kentucky; died 2 December 1877, Boone County, Missouri; married (1) James Copeland (c1810- c1844) and (2) Calvin A. Thornton (1817-1900) on 11 February 1844, Boone County, Missouri.

Rebecca had three known children, one son with James Copeland and two daughters with Calvin Thornton.


  1. John COPELAND, born c1833; died after the 1860 census when he was unmarried and living with his uncle Ervin Thompson’s family in Cow House, Coryell County, Texas.
  2. Laura THORNTON, born c1847, probably Boone County, Missouri; died after 1850 census; no further record.
  3. Cornelia THORNTON, born c1850, Boone County, Missouri; died 22 January 1902, Leavenworth County, Kansas; married John W. Barnett (1842-1890), c1872.

Although this ends my coverage of the Thompson family, at least for quite a while, Ephraim and Sarah (Curry) Thompson have many descendants today.

Among the grandchildren who lived to adulthood and married, only Robert Bruce Alexander has no known children.

I hope my research has helped piece together much of the Thompson puzzle as online information about these children had a lot of loose ends.

Speaking of loose ends, Ephraim had one surviving son named David, born c1847, with his second wife, Isabella Jones. I’ve previously written about him, too.

I believe that, for whatever reason, his name was changed to William P(erry?) Thompson. I think he is the William P. Thompson, born 6 December 1846 and who died 26 December 1899 and is buried at Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Boone County, Missouri.  William married Mary Frances Coonce (1850-1916), 26 August 1879, Boone County, Missouri.

They were the parents of Bertha, born January 1884 and died after 1900 census, Cornelia B., who died in 1893, George E. (1882-1883), Pauline (1891-1985) who married James Henry Bloomer and Myra, born June 1896 and died after the 1900 census.

If you are descended from the William Thompson family, I would love to correspond with you.


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