RootsTech Connect 2021 Schedules Released

NOTE: I am an official RootsTech Connect Ambassador.

There are currently 264,000+ people registered for the first virtual RootsTech experience.

RootsTech Connect 2021 is only two weeks away and I have the news for which everyone has been waiting – the Keynote Schedule AND the Sessions Schedule.

First, there is the Keynote Speaker Schedule with a local time converter included.

Being virtual, this year’s RootsTech format is somewhat different. There are hundreds of session from which to choose – the RootsTech-Connect-2021-Sessions-eng is 18 pages long!!! – and sessions can be viewed on demand for the next 12 months.

The sessions are listed by title, rather than by speaker, which I actually prefer. It is much easier, at least to me, to scan session titles to determine whether or not I want to add it to my viewing schedule.

In some ways, this virtual conference is better than traveling to Salt Lake City. Although it’s disappointing that there will be no meet ups with old friends nor the making of any new friends this year AND no visit to the Family History Library, I am really looking forward to MANY MORE session choices.

Even better, I won’t have to choose one class and pass up another because of a schedule conflict.

There is also the cost factor, with no travel, lodging or food expenses incurred.

If you haven’t yet registered, or wish more detailed information about this year’s RootsTech Connect 2021, visit RootsTech.

In the meantime, mark your calendars for 25-27 February 2021 and be prepared for a great learning experience from the comfort of your home that is being provided by FamilySearch for FREE.





3 thoughts on “RootsTech Connect 2021 Schedules Released”

  1. Since this is virtual, is this the correct approach? Starting Thursday morning (I’m aware of the Mountain time zone idiosyncrasy so it starts Wed nite at 9pm), do I just look at your list of classes and click on whichever one I want to listen to and it comes on? Then I click on another one that I want, click it, and listen. And on and on. correct?

    As a slight change to that process, will there be a separate link or something for LDS attendees to listen to when Elder Holland and then Elder Bednar (and other with them) talk that I can click on to listen? When will they be on specifically so that I can listen to them live?

    And then I think there’s an LDS T&FH Leadership meeting Thursday night at 7pm. Correct? How will I listen to that?

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