RootsTech Connect 2021: Final Thoughts

This year’s final reflection is unique because RootsTech 2021 Connect is now history, but it isn’t over.

I have to admit that I prefer the live version with the excitement of the Salt Palace, the hubbub and running into old friends along with making new ones, visiting in the Media hub and lunches at the church cafeteria and Blue Lemon. I also can’t talk about RootsTech without mentioning the Family History Library, which I sorely miss.

I might be in the minority here, but I also have to admit I missed all the walking. I enjoy the 5 or 6 blocks I walk from the SLC hotel to the Salt Palace or FHL and the time I spend walking during the conference. Walking my favorite form of exercise, but this year, I spent hours seated at my computer instead.

However, the finger pointing of blame can only go in one direction for missing out on that fun this year – the pandemic.

Having made my admissions, I have only praise for the entire FamilySearch and RootsTech 2021 teams that created the world’s largest virtual genealogy conference and pulled it off in stunning fashion.

My worst fear was that the moment the Keynote Speakers began, the website would crash and that didn’t happen. That, by itself, deserves a salute to the RootsTech team that made this all happen.

Highlights for Me

  • An entire year to view class sessions
  • Lots of chat rooms available to connect with others
  • Lots of new-to-me speakers presenting interesting topics
  • Keynote Speakers with a wide range of stories to tell
  • Expo Hall with lots of new-to-me vendors
  • RootsTech Connect 2021 after party

Not So Much of a Highlight for Me

This was my own choice because I wanted to blog early and often about the LIVE events, but I didn’t get to hear any Keynotes live because the Expo Hall was open. I also listened to only a small number of class sessions because I was sharing information about a number of events and activities.

I wish the Expo Hall had opened with vendors available during the Wednesday night preview. If they were on the chat, I didn’t get any reply to my questions until Thursday morning.

That meant I had to just go with the sales blurbs in their booths instead of having more personalized contact with them.

I realize with hundreds of thousands of attendees that chats might be very busy. Maybe next year, booths might be manned by more sales reps.

RootsTech Connect 2021 is officially part of the history books now. However, you can still register for the conference and access all the recorded Keynote Speakers and Class Sessions.

DISCLAIMER: I am an official RootsTech Connect 2021 ambassador and have received perks for promoting RootsTech conferences.




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