RootsTech Connect 2021 Expo Hall Visit, Part 2

DISCLAIMER: Today’s list of new-to-me vendors is NOT a recommendation of any product or company. This is simply an overview of SOME of the vendors at RootsTech this year. Be an educated consumer – take the opportunity to chat with company representatives before deciding whether to make a purchase. Be aware, too, that pricing specials offered may not be available after Saturday, 27 February 2021.

RootsTech Connect 2021 is in full swing right now.

Part 2 of my Expo Hall visit will focus on more new-to-me companies.

First, I’d like to give a shout out to the sponsors who helped make this fabulous conference possible. They are also vendors in the Expo Hall.

There are also numerous other exhibitors in the hall this year, offering some excellent genealogically-themed resources.

Be sure to stop by all of their virtual booths to say hello. There will be some great promotions to be found through Saturday, 27 February 2021.

Now, for Part 2 of my new-to-me companies in this year’s Expo Hall, continuing in ABC order.


GeneaPro is a genealogical research company that specializes in research mainly in Spain, Portugal, South of France, and some areas of Central and South America.”

This company is based in Spain and provides translate and research services for some of the Spanish speaking world, along with the South of France and Portugal. There are brochures in both England and Spanish and some demo videos. One is the search done for the family of Ernesto Biota in the Basque area of Spain.

Goldie May

Goldie May caught my interest because its name gives no clue as to product it offers. “Genealogy research assistance, an automatic research log, and other tools for your research. Save links & screenshots. Add citations & comments. Preserve tabs & windows. Collaborate with family & friends.”

I’m always looking for ways to update my methods and tech tools, so I had to check out this booth. Goldie May is a Chrome extension that works with FamilySearch to log research. It also allows for collaborative research. There is a free version, offering basic features and a Plus version at $9/month and $6/month at RootsTech. There is also a pro version is also available for client work. Regular price is $19/month with a special offer at RootsTech for $12/month. Click on their website link below the image above and the pricing page will highlight the added features with the two paid versions.

Heritage Genealogical College

The Heritage Genealogical College is located in Salt Lake City, Utah and offers classes, an AA and a BA degree in genealogical studies. It is licensed by the state of Utah, but the enrollment agreement states that it is not accredited by any agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

Institute of Heraldic & Genealogical Studies

The School of Family History is an independent charitable trust dedicated to family history and heraldry education and research. . . founded in Canterbury in Kent in 1961.” IHGS offers self-paced distance learning. Downloadable resources include the courses syllabus and other information.

L Squared Innovations

L² Innovations is another company that intrigued me because of its name. “L² Innovations proudly offers a variety of products and professional services to people interested in family history research.” The L² Scrollio is a fabric scroll that rolls open and closed that contains planning sections for genealogical research. 8 different charts are available (each 14″ x 54″) and erasable frixion pens are used to write on the fabric.

Life Stories Revered by GPFour, Inc.

The best description of Life Stories Revered by GPFour, Inc. comes from their website: You talk, we do the rest. You share your life stories with us in a conversation. Over the phone or via Zoom—however you like. That’s it! We record it, edit it and transcribe it. We create a dedicated web page for your life story, with individual chapters. Packages include Platinum, Gold and Silver levels.

Name and Place

Name and Place puts me in the mind of FCHRS, which I highlighted in Part 1 of my Expo Hall visit. However, while FCHRS has a group community collaborative focus, Name and Place could be used the same way or it could be used as a stand-alone project by one person with a focus on one location. It’s not like I don’t have enough to fill my time already, but I’ve thought off and on about doing a one-place study of Udol and Hajtovka, two small adjoining Slovak villages where my paternal grandmother’s family lived. Name and Place would be well suited for that purpose.


OnGenealogy is an online directory for genealogy research. The OnGenealogy home page has a number of tabs across the top – Genealogy Resources, Shop (They offer video service.), Blog and tabs to various links in the U.S. and around the world. As far as I can determine, this is a free website and they would love to know of other resources that can be added to the directory. Genealogists can also create a free account (on Mondays from 9-6 Mountain time to reduce spam attempts) that will enable you to create your own list of favorite resources.

Pictures and Stories

Pictures and Stories “creates custom, beautifully designed life story and family history books—from start to finish. We provide a full range of services, including interviewing, writing/editing, photo digitization, custom book design, print facilitation, and video work.” they’ve been in business for over 20 years and offer a variety of services with a wide price range.


From their website: Ponga is a fast, easy, and fun way to organize your pictures and explore the stories. Ponga offers yearly memberships that allow private collaboration and sharing of family photos and stories through its software. (RootsTech special is $79/year.) Ponga also partners with Larsen to digitize paper photographs and is launching a special program for Genealogical Societies and Other Community Organizations. View the demo videos for further details on how a project is set up.

William G. Pomeroy Foundation

The last virtual booth visit on my list is a philanthropic stop –  the William G. Pomeroy Foundation, established in 2005 with the commitment of “supporting the celebration and preservation of community history; and to raising awareness, supporting research, and improving the quality of care for patients and their families who are facing a blood cancer diagnosis. To date, the Pomeroy Foundation has awarded over 1,300 roadside markers and plaques nationwide. Obtaining a Pomeroy Foundation roadside marker may be a way to help ensure your family history stands the test of time.”

There are many more vendors and exhibitors in the 2021 Expo Hall. I hope I’ve provided an overview of some of the new-to-me products and that you’ll take some time to visit the virtual booths between now and Saturday, 27 February 2021, when the hall closes until next year.

DISCLAIMER: I am an official RootsTech Connect 2021 ambassador and have received perks for promoting RootsTech conferences.




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