RootsTech Connect 2021: Day 3 – LIVE Winding Down & Class Sessions Revving Up

It’s always sad to see the last day of a RootsTech conference. This year, it’s a very different feeling, given that this virtual conference is a hybrid of live events and pre-recorded class sessions.

As the live events wind down, attendees have a chance to catch their breath and get revved up for all the sessions, which cover a staggering number of topics.

Things to Know

  1. If you haven’t yet registered for RootsTech Connect 2021, but wish you had —– it’s not too late! Of course, the live events might have concluded, but that doesn’t preclude anyone from attending the pre-recorded sessions.
  2. What will be gone after today and no longer available at RootsTech? Chat features, Expo Hall discounts that are conference only, Song Contest voting, Photo mosaic additions and possibly some of the Demo Theater sessions if the exhibitor has chosen to remove them.
  3. Make any last minute purchases in the Expo Hall now!
  4. The Relatives at RootsTech app has been extended until 20 March 2021 – UPDATE: See Randy Seaver’s comment in this post.

What’s Left?

Oh, only about 1,000 class sessions presented by hundreds of speakers. Yesterday, I gave step-by-step instructions for setting up your playlist.

I’d like to stress one thing – particularly for less experienced genealogy researchers. As you choose sessions to add to your playlist, DON’T be boxed in by the idea that a session won’t teach you anything because you have no ancestry in X, Y and Z places.

I attend all types of genealogy webinars because it’s the METHODOLOGY that is important to me. I can often apply tips and seek out new potential resources in my ancestral towns that were discussed in, say, a class about resources in Belgium, where I have no known ancestral ties.

RootsTech Connect 2021 class sessions will be available for at least a year, so there are 365 days available to broaden your educational horizon and it’s FREE.

As RootsTech LIVE comes to an end, I’d like to share examples of the wide variety of pre-recorded classes at this year’s conference.

NOTE: You need to be logged in through your FamilySeaerch account and registered for RootsTech Connect 2021 for these links to work.

All of the Keynote Speaker sessions can also be added to your playlist. On the menu bar, choose Speakers and the Keynotes are listed first.

Exploring Family History Tech with Thomas – by Thomas MacEntee

Finding the Elusive Maiden Name by Ann G. Lawthers

DNA Triangulation: What, When and How by Roberta Estes

The Genealogy Research Process: The WANDER Method by Amy Johnson Crow

The Genetic Consequences of the Transatlantic Slave Trade by Steven Micheletti and Joanna Mountain (Part 1 of 3)

Sneak Peek of Reading the Old German Handwriting Online Course by Katherine Schober (Great tips in the Sneak Peek)

Researching Records of the Former Soviet Republics by Greg Nelson

Dutch Parish Records from the 17th and 18th Centuries by John Boeren

Finding Living Relatives in Austria by Markus Schönherr

Girls Must Feed Pigs: Things Our Ancestors Thought and Said by Darris G. Williams

Funeral Programs: A 20th-Century Genealogical Goldmine by Diane L. Richard

Jewish Genealogy Alphabet Soup by Nolan Altman

This is just a tiny sampling of the 1000+ sessions presented at RootsTech Connect 2021. Enjoy!

I have to give a huge shout out to the RootsTech team for putting together such a fabulous virtual conference.

DISCLAIMER: I am an official RootsTech Connect 2021 ambassador and have received perks for promoting RootsTech conferences.


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