RootsTech Connect 2021: Day 2 Events + Tips

Wow! Yesterday was a busy day at RootsTech Connect 2021!

Between Keynote Speakers and the Expo Hall, I was exhausted from all the virtual walking. Today is Day 2 of the live weekend conference and I’d like to share some event info and  tips.

There is a Keynote Speakers schedule. Times are U.S. Eastern Standard Time.

Next, please take a few minutes to listen to the Youth, Amateur and Professional entries in the Song Writing Contest. The finalists are all excellent. You can vote for your favorite for the People’s Choice award. Winners will be announced tomorrow.

If you haven’t yet ventured into the Expo Hall, you should add it to your schedule today. There is lots to see – and buy – and the hall will close tomorrow. It takes a while to get chat answers from the vendors as they are busy so ask questions right away. Typical wait time for me yesterday was 30-60 minutes. I think they are doing well with 500,000+ attendees worldwide. 🙂

The goal of RootsTech 2021 is to CONNECT with others. Let’s CONNECT is happening this afternoon (2:00  U.S. Mountain Standard Time) is your chance to meet up with presenters and attendees.

Livstreehouse has set up this event with the following message:

ALRIGHT everyone at RootsTech let’s start REALLY CONNECTING–like FACE-TO-FACE. I’ve coordinated with some other presenters and influencers and we are excited to connect FRIDAY (today) over “lunch/dinner/breakfast” (2PM MST | 8am AEDT 9PM GMT | 11pm EET) depending on where you are in the world. DESKTOP DINER is a connection event where you can chat with other participants, interact in fun and engaging ways, AND chat face to face with presenters.

 Let’s CONNECT looks like a fun time. I’ve already registered. Have you?
Next up will be a detailed post about Class Sessions. You would think that topic would be first on the discussion list for a conference. However, since RootsTech 2021 is virtual and taped sessions will be accessible for a year, I’ve saved my session tips for last. After all, we only have three days to experience the live events.

DISCLAIMER: I am an official RootsTech Connect 2021 ambassador and have received perks for promoting RootsTech conferences.

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