Richard Stufflebeam, Madison Co., AR: Grandchildren, Part 2

 Today, I will finish up identifying the remaining grandchildren of Richard Stufflebeam and Polly Patrick that were born to their four youngest children, John Merida, Houston Patrick, Perlina Alice and Hiram Edward. That’s just 19 more grandchildren to go!

John Merida, who married America Pool:


1. Polly Ann (1867-1943); married Stephen Douglas Holloway, c1906 as his second wife. Stephen had two sons, but it appears Polly had no children of her own.
2. Daniel (1869-1939); unmarried.
3. Thursey J. (1871-1880+); no further record.
4. Sarah F. (1873-1900+); married George W. Gardner, 20 December 1896, Washington County, Arkansas. George married (2) Permelia S. Stufflebeam (1882-1920), 23 December 1901, Washington County, Arkansas. Permelia was the daughter of James and Permelia (Milsap) Stufflebeam. Permelia was described in the census as a cripple. She died in May 1920 in Creek County, Oklahoma. Sarah and George were the parents of 2 children.
5. John E. (1876-1900); unmarried and at home with father and brother Daniel in 1900; no further record.
6. James W. (1878-1880+); no further record.

Houston Patrick, who married Catherine Helton:


1. Mary M. (1871-1910+); married William M. Boone (1871-1932). This family moved to Cherokee County, Texas. Parents of 5 children.
2. Catherine Elizabeth (1872-1917) ; married Hugh Mark Quick (1869-1935), c1894. Parents of 5 children.
3. Jacob Noah (1876-1947); married Margaret Whitmire (1879-1964), c1896. Parents of 6 children.
4. Perlina J. (1878-1880+); no further record, but probably the mother of Lizze Swanigan, grandchild living with Houston and his family in 1900. If so, Perlina probably died giving birth.
5. Cynthia (1882-c1917); married Brant Deaton (1882-1970), 3 December 1905, Madison County, Arkansas. Parents of 5 children.
6. Martha C. (1885-195_); unmarried.
7. Viola (1887-1939); unmarried.

Perlina Alice, who married Alfred Monroe Davis:


1. Pearl Jane (1889-1948); married Grover Cleveland Napier (1885-1967), 11 January 1905, Washington County, Arkansas. Parents of 9 children.

Hiram Edward, who married Anna Eliza Walkup:


1. Albert (1878-1941); married Delilah Jane Wallace (1862-1934), 14 September 1908, Logan County, Arkansas. They had no children.
2. Rosa Lee (1879-1946); married William Harrison Wiggins (1877-1964), c1901. Parents of 6 children.
3. Della (1881-1965); married Lee Howard Richards (1878-1937), c1904. This family lived in Polk County, Arkansas. Parents of 2 children.
4. Lena (1889-1922); married Albert Lewis Struble (1886-1942), 1 April 1906, Logan County, Arkansas. Parents of 2 children.
5. Ellen (1891-1900+); no further record.

That’s it! We’ve covered all the grandchildren of Richard and Polly (Patrick) Stufflebean/m. As you can see from this lengthy list, there were quite a few great grandchildren, but I will leave that for others to follow up.

If you are descended from Richard and Polly, please leave a comment. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Richard Stufflebeam, Madison Co., AR: Grandchildren, Part 2”

  1. Hello,
    I just found this and I am a great grandchild of Cynthia & Brant. My Grandmother was Ova Deaton (passed Dec 28 2012). How exciting to see this lineage. would love to know more.

  2. My grandmother was Iva Deaton Farris. Brant and Cynthia actually had 6 kids. there’s a Death Certificates for a Cara Deaton born 18 Feb 1915 died 7 Mar 1915 madison county ark. by the way thank you for this.

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