Read the Latest on RootsTech Connect 2021!

There is all kinds of news to share about RootsTech Connect 2021, which is now just a little more than one week away.

Quick Facts

Current Registration: 314,908
Countries Represented: 224
Percentage of First Timers – 89%
Official Languages – 11

Right off the bat, the statistics alone are quite incredible, but there is lots more to share.

If you visit the RootsTech home page today, it will look the same as always. However, next Wednesday morning, 24 February 2021, a new page will go live. (The exact time won’t be announced because I think they might be worried at 314,000+ people all trying to access it at the same moment. Just check back through the day until you see that the new page has launched.

Exactly how will RootsTech work this year?

On Wednesday evening, 5:00 p.m. U.S. Mountain Time, there will be an Expo Hall Preview before the Keynotes begin 4 hours later. There are 72 Exhibitors in addition to 20 Sponsors, providing an excellent opportunity to view products, chat with vendors and make purchases.

The Home Page will be divided into four categories: Main Stage (where the keynotes will be), the Expo Hall, Sessions & Guide Me (for help navigating the events) and Connect, which will be home to some of the chat sessions.

Therefore, from the Home Page, it will be possible to jump to all the other experiences.

Day 1 – Streaming will be ongoing the whole time
Day 2 – Streaming and some repeats will be shown to accommodate various time zones around the world

If you’ve been fortunate enough to attend RootsTech in person in the past, you’ll recognize a number of experiences.

Returning to the Virtual Conference:

1. Mini-classes – Offered by the vendors
2. Innovators Portal – Check out what’s new in the genealogy world
3. Demo Theater – See products demonstrated by vendors
4. RootsTech Store – Get your souvenirs!
5. Coaching Center – Sign up for individual chat appointments to receive research help

Class sessions will be offered in a very different format this year. Most of the classes will run about 20 minutes, so shorter than in past years, but more interactive. However, there will also be Tips & Tricks, 3-5 minutes in length and several options for multi-part classes that will run an hour’s length.

There will be a Speakers Page on the conference website, so you can check out the biographical details on each presenter.

Each class session will have a Chat option and a link to that class syllabus.

Another fun option will be to set up your own chat or join chats that others have created.

The most important detail though is that YOU WILL HAVE TO LOG IN THROUGH YOUR FREE FAMILYSEARCH ACCOUNT in order to use Chats, set up your class session play lists and fully engage in the conference.

I’m getting very excited about this first, virtual worldwide conference. It is going to be spectacular!

Check out this year’s Keynote Speakers and Session Schedule. If you haven’t yet registered, go to RootsTech right now!

DISCLAIMER: I am an official RootsTech Connect 2021 ambassador and have received perks for promoting RootsTech conferences.


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