Presidents’ Day 2021 – Presidential Trivia

From my personal postcard collection

Did You Know?

  1. George Washington is the only president to have been elected unanimously.
  2. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were friendly rivals. John Adams, on his deathbed, said “Jefferson lives,” not knowing that President Jefferson died a few hours earlier. Both Presidents died on Independence Day – 4 July 1826.
  3. A third president also died on the 4th of July – James Monroe died six years after Adams and Jefferson in 1831.
  4. John Quincy Adams is the only president to have met both George Washington AND Abraham Lincoln.
  5. Martin Van Buren‘s nickname was “Old Kinderhook” because it was his birthplace.  The phrase “O.K.” is thought to have originated from the supporters of “O.K.” Martin Van Buren was also the first president to be born a U.S. citizen.
  6. During his presidency, Franklin Pierce was arrested for running a woman down with his horse. The case was later dismissed because of a lack of evidence.
  7. James K. Polk was the first president to have his photograph taken while in office.
  8. Franklin D. Roosevelt was the first president to appear on television. It happened in 1939 during a telecast from the World’s Fair in New York.
  9. Harry S. Truman had no middle name. The S doesn’t stand for anything!
  10. Barack Obama once worked at Baskin-Robbins.

There you have it – ten little known facts about U.S. Presidents.

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