Navigating the RootsTech Connect 2021 Website Portal

Tomorrow, 24 February 2021, is the launch date for the RootsTech Connect 2021 conference.

I’ve shared shared overviews of the general RootsTech virtual experience on 21 February and 16 February. Those posts included PDF links of the Main Stage schedule and the Class Sessions schedule and how to prepare for this fabulous genealogy conference.

FYI – Current numbers are 433,255 registered from 235 countries and territories! That is an astounding number of genealogists worldwide getting together.

Everyone will still need to register for a free FamilySearch account – which is super easy if you don’t already have one. Attendees will then access the RootsTech conference page with the four event categories shown above.

Remember, though, that the image I’m sharing is a non-colorized less fancy-looking page than you will see on the live website. However, the four event areas will be placed in the same quadrants.

Here are several tips for successfully navigating the home page:

  1. The Sessions and Guide Me area should be the FIRST area you visit after the website goes live and BEFORE the Expo Hall preview opens at 5:00 p.m. on 24 February. Why? Guide Me will explain all the ins and outs of navigating through the conference. Basically, it is a road map to all the events being held at RootsTech this year.
  2. If you are interested in learning about genealogy products and services available, your second stop should be the Expo Hall during the 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. (Mountain Time) preview which will also happen tomorrow, 24 February. REMEMBER – the Expo Hall vendors will remain open during this coming weekend. Don’t wait to browse and shop thinking you’ll have all year to do it. Of course, you can contact vendors directly after the conference weekend, but any sales specials might only be valid through 27 February 2021. You can visit the Expo Hall as many times as you like during its open hours. There WILL be the ability to live chat with the vendors to get your questions answered.
  3. Next, you’ll want to check out the Main-Stage-Schedule-FINAL2 schedule -on 24 February. Don’t wait until Thursday if you plan to listen to the Keynote Speakers live around the world. They have been scheduled so that attendees in their time zones have the most comfortable viewing hours. Can’t stay awake 24 hours to hear them all? No problem – notice that the Main Stage schedule has REPEATS listed. Those will be taped versions of the Keynotes so you don’t have to lose any sleep unless you want to.
  4. Connect is the place to go for virtual chats. You can visit any of the chats that have been started by attendees/groups or you may start a chat on your own to meet others with the same interests. Until the portal is launched, there is no way to tell how many chat groups will be started. My guess is that there may well be hundreds of them, so something for anyone and everyone who wants to virtually connect with other like-minded genealogists.
  5. Why am I listing a #5 when there are four event areas? Because you will be returning to Sessions and Guide Me over and over again for at least a year. If you haven’t already downloaded and saved the PDF class schedule,RootsTech-Connect-2021-Sessions-eng. There is no need to feel stressed or overwhelmed trying to view 1,026 sessions in just a few days. You can decide when you want to watch each class. If you are interested in hearing specific speakers, there will be a speakers page full of info.

Lastly, it is important to know that there are ELEVEN official languages at RootsTech Connect 2021. I’ve heard that many translators have volunteered to help out and there will be a button or tab somewhere on the portal to choose your language.

I’d like to repeat myself by saying that you shouldn’t wait until Thursday to check out the website IF you want to hear live Keynote Speakers.

There will be NO ANNOUNCED TIME that tells us exactly when the website will go live tomorrow. I think that might be out of concern that the site might crash if everyone tried to access it at XX:XX time tomorrow.

The RootsTech team has created some videos for attendees:

Welcome to RootsTech Connect- 3 minutes

Road to RootsTech – Episode 7: A Virtual Survival Guide – 5 minutes

Sneak Peek – Road to RootsTech- 52 minutes

For a really in-depth discussion about RootsTech Connect 2021 Prep, watch yesterday’s talk on Mondays with Myrt – 1 hour & 45 minutes

Is everybody ready for a fabulous conference?

DISCLAIMER: I am an official RootsTech Connect 2021 ambassador and have received perks for promoting RootsTech conferences.

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