Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Our “Academy of Genealogy and Family History” (AGFH) Nominees

Radny Seaver has a unique challenge for us this week on Saturday Night Genealogy Fun. At least, it is totally new to me as I wasn’t blogging during the years referenced.

1) Does anyone recall the Academy of Genealogy and Family History (AGFH) awards from back in the 2008-2012 time frame, hosted by Jasia on Creative gene?  Genea-bloggers would nominate blog entries in different categories, and Jasia would collect all of them with links to each blogger’s post.  The bloggers selected their own posts for nominations.

2)  This week, let us nominate the “best” posts from 2020 that we wrote in these categories:
*  Best Picture (a photograph)
*  Best Screenplay (a story)
*  Best Documentary (a series)
*  Best Biography
*  Best Comedy
I’m glad I keep an Excel list of my daily posts, as I wouldn’t relish having to scroll through a year’s worth of stories on my blog!
Here are my nominees:

Best Picture (a photograph)Warren Campbell: Mystery Photo with an Interesting Story

Best Screenplay (a Story) My Loyalist Robert Carlisle, American Rebel Robert Wilson and the 1776 Siege of Fort Cumberland, Canada

I was amazed to learn that two of my ancestors faced each other in battle during the American Revolution. Robert Wilson, an early settler on Campobello Island left Massachusetts in the 1760s. He was a member of the American group of rebels who attacked Fort Cumberland, where one of my Loyalist ancestors was posted with his regiment. It’s the only time I’ve found evidence of my families with divided loyalties actually facing each other in a battle.

Best Documentary (a series) – A Century of Fashions in My Family, 1840s to 1940s – the Ladies and A Century of Fashions in My Family, 1840s to 1940s – Gents’ Turn

It was fun to look at my ancestors in a new light – through their very fashionable clothing choices.

Best BiographyDaniel Carlisle, California 49er & Early Pioneer of Oakland

Two of the sons of Loyalist Robert Carlisle disappeared from New Brunswick, Canada records after they married. It was fun not only to discover the trail that led to Kent County, Ontario, Canada, but to then follow Loyalist Robert’s grandson, Daniel, as he made his way into the United States in time to be a 49er and early settler in Oakland, California. He had a difficult, but interesting, life.

Best ComedyAncestors and Product Endorsements in Historical Newspapers

Not really comedy, but reading the snake oil ads in old newspapers is amusing. That’s the best post I have for comedy!

If this is going to become the annual Oscars of blog posts, I guess I need to remember to write several funny posts for the Best Comedy category. 🙂

Thanks, Randy, for a fun way to review the year.

2 thoughts on “Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Our “Academy of Genealogy and Family History” (AGFH) Nominees”

  1. I keep an excel file of my posts, too, one sheet per year. I have two blogs and color-code the second where I write less frequently. This year, I have added a column where I put in a number signifying what type of post it is, so I can sort the list at the end of the year or on a blogiversary. I loved your fashion series. Lovely photos.

  2. I’ve never thought about keeping an Excel spreadsheet of my blog posts, but now that I did have to read through a year’s worth of posts – many times over! – that is seeming like a good idea! Either of you be willing to share an example of your spreadsheet with me so I don’t have to recreate the wheel?

    Linda, I enjoyed your fashion posts also!

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