Matthias Williams (1803-1884) of Roane County, TN: More Grandchildren

Today, we will finish identifying possible grandchildren of Matthias Williams, born c1803 and who died in 1884 in Roane County, Tennessee. I’ve written about his wives and children and about grandchildren born to his older children.

There are four children left to cover:

Hulda Deborah, born 10 August 1873; died 9 May 1939; Monroe County, Tennessee; married William Harrison Price, c1892. They lived in Whitley County, Kentucky in 1900 and 1910 and then haven’t been found in the census. However, they had at least seven children by then- Lou D. (daughter), Willie (son), Anna, Henry, Sarah, Cenie, and Charley and one more with Hulda in 1910. Hulda reported 6 of her 9 children were still living. They apparently separated or divorced, as Hulda is living in Walker County, Georgia in 1920 with a 19 year old son, Henry H. Price, his 19 year old wife, Charlie and daughter Meda Belle, born c1902.

In 1910, Hulda reported that she had given birth to nine children, with six still living.

Children (Price):
1. Willie, born c1892, Tennessee; died after 1910; no further information
2. Lou D., (daughter), born 15 October 1894, Tennessee; died 3 July 1902, Whitley County, Kentucky
3. Anna, born c1898; died after 1910; no further information
4. Henry Harrison, born 9 June 1900; died 13 March 1972; married Hattie M. (MNU), c1920, when they were living in Walker County, Georgia. They had at least five children. Descendants
5. Sarah, born c1902, Kentucky; died after 1910; no further information
5. Cenie (daughter), born c1906, Kentucky; died after 1910; no further information
6. Charley Ketton, born 5 May 1909, Kentucky; died 17 November 1961, buried in Chattanooga National Cemetery; married Mollie Alexander, c1927. They had at least four children. Descendants
7. Meda Belle, born 1912, Tennessee; died after 1940, when she was living on her own and unmarried. No further information.

Sophia, c1876; died after 1880. She apparently died young as no further record has been found for her. Apparently no known descendants.

John Franklin, born December 1879; married Minnie Garrison, 3 June 1914, McMinn County, Tennessee. However, this couple divorced by 1930, when Minnie is living with a sister in Chicago, Illinois. Her son, John F. Williams, 12, is living with her. No further information and it is unknown if John married and left descendants. Unknown if there are descendants today.

Child (Williams):
1. John Franklin, born c1918; living with his mother and aunt in Chicago, Illinois in 1930; no further information.

Deborah, born 2 January 1882; died 11 April 1961, Loudon County, Tennessee; married Asberry Price, 27 September 1900, Roane County, Tennessee. They had at least six children – Lucinda E., Minnie Mildred, Susan, Hazel, James Franklin and Carl B. 

Children (Price):
1. Lucinda E., born 29 November 1905; died 22 June 1937; married Alonzo Jenkins, c1925.  She had at least three sons, Wayne Edward, Lloyd and Clyde Franklin. Descendants
2. Minnie Mildred, born c1909; died after 1920; no further information.
3. Susan, born c1911; died after 1920
4. Hazel, born c1913; died after 1930 when she was still at home
5. James Franklin, born 22 March 1915/17; died 12 April 2002, Cobb County, Georgia; married Nellie Mae Coker, no further information.
6. Carl Barstell, born 12 June 1919; died 19 December 1983, Dade County, Florida; married (1) Nellie Preston, 21 December 1947, Loudon County, Tennessee (2) Virginia Faye McKinley, 19 December 1960, Monroe County, Tennessee; no further information.

Identifying possible grandchildren is somewhat of a muddled mess, given that by the early 20th century, families began to move around move, there were separations/divorces, fewer identifying records are available due to privacy issues and there were many people with the same names.

In some cases, I have found more recent information on descendants, but have omitted the data here for privacy reasons.

As you can see, there is still a lot that is unknown about this family. I am hoping some descendant out there will recognize some of these people and contact me. I would love to know more about the family. Just with Matthias, being born in1803 and his youngest daughter, Deborah, dying in 1961, those two generations covered an incredible 158 years of American history!

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