Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: What Did Genea-Santa Bring You and Your Family?

Christmas 2020 is now Christmas Past and Randy’s Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenge this week acknowledges Santa’s busy night.

1)  What genea-gift did Genea-Santa bring you and/or your family this Christmas season?

My genea-list was quite short this year. In fact, I didn’t really have one because all is good for the moment. However, in spite of that, Genea-Santa did bring me two fabulous books.

Early Loyalist Saint John by D.G. Bell is an oldie but goodie, published in 1983, back when I was aware I had a couple of Loyalists. This book covers the creation of St. John, New Brunswick Canada in terms of Loyalist settlers and the formation of its political system and the politics involved. Genea-Santa had to work quite hard to find a copy because it’s not readily available in many places.

The second book is one I had never come across – Images of America – Calais by Lura Jackson and the St. Croix Historical Society. There is a small amount of text in the opening of each chapter, giving some historical context. The majority of the book, however, consists of wonderful vintage photos taken in Calais from the 1800s into the 20th century.

I also received two more books from Dave. He looked online and found some genealogical crime mysteries and bought me the first two stories in the set – Hiding the Past and The Lost Ancestor by Nathan Dylan Goodwin.

Dave notably pays little attention when I talk about genealogy and didn’t realize that I had told him several times about how good Nathan’s books are and how I had them all! I had to be honest and admit I had read them. I also reminded him that I had sent Nathan the newspaper section about the 2020 Tucson Festival of Books, which ultimately was cancelled because of the pandemic. Dave did remember that I had mailed it off to someone in England!

I did appreciate the thought and Dave proved he had excellent taste in his book choices.

Thanks Randy, for this week’s challenge, the last one of 2020.



One thought on “Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: What Did Genea-Santa Bring You and Your Family?”

  1. Ah, at least it was the thought that counted. One of these days I’ll have to read his books. I do like mysteries.

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