A Century of Fashions in My Family, 1840s-1940s: The Ladies

I have quite a few photos of ancestors, collateral lines and some suspected friends and the pictures date from about the late 1840s on.

I’ve been thinking about quilting lately, another hobby but which has been pushed aside for genealogy and that got me on the idea of fashions through the centuries. How’d that happen – I guess the link to my thoughts was fabric!

Here are my female ancestors dressed to the 9s for their era. 🙂

My 4X Great Grandmother, Sarah Brawn Adams
1786-after 1815

Photo taken late 1840s

My 2X Great Grandmother, Sarah Moriah (Crouse) Coleman
Photo taken in early 1850s

My 3X Great Grandmother, Mary Elizabeth (Scripture) Tarbox
Civil War Era Photo

Martha Lulu Adams, 1/2 sister of my great grandfather,
Charles Edwin Adams
Photo taken in the 1870s

My 2X Great Grandmother, Nellie Tarbox Adams, 1856-1927
fifth from left in back row, just left of the pillar

Photo taken in the 1890s

My Great Grandmother, Annie Maude (Stuart) Adams
Photo taken around 1920

This is one of my favorites of my grandmother. Flapper era all the way!

My Grandmother, Julia (Scerbak) Sabo & Dad
Photo taken about 1931

My Mom, Doris Priscilla (Adams) Sabo, right, with friend
Photo taken during U.S. Navy WAVE Service, WWII



3 thoughts on “A Century of Fashions in My Family, 1840s-1940s: The Ladies”

  1. Lovely ladies. I think the hairstyles are even more interesting than the clothing. What a treasure having all of those photos.

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