Belva & Amy Kincaid, Skowhegan, ME – 1890s Photo Needs to Go Home

Belva R. and Amy Frances Kincaid, late 1890s
Skowhegan County, Maine

This is my current historic Maine family photograph that I rescued on eBay that needs to go home to family. Can I find a living descendant? Maybe.

First, with the very unusual given name of Belva, her family was quickly located in the 1900 Somerset County, Maine census:

Source: Ancestry

Belva R., born October 1884 and her sister, Amy F., born 11 September 1888, were the daughters of John (Colostin) Kincaid and his wife, Nellie Olive (Corson) Kincaid.

They had apparently lost two siblings as Nellie reported having given birth to four children with two still living. One of those siblings was infant Lillie L. Kincaid, born 27 March 1893 in Athens and died at the very young age of 8 days old on 4 April 1893.

Following the family in the census and Maine marriage records, Belva R. Kincaid married Oliver R. French on 24 August 1904 in Athens, Somerset, Maine.

Oliver and Belva were the parents of two sons:

1. Floyd C., born 20 October 1906; died 22 February 2000, Solon Somerset, Maine; married Mattie Merrill, 8 May 1926, Maine. It appears that they had no children.
2. Evan L., born c1908; died 1948. He married (1) Frances Baine, 5 July 1926, Somerset County, Maine (2) Evelyn Berry, 12 June 1935, Somerset County, Maine. She was born 1914; died 2002. They had two sons and it appears both may still be living today!

Amy Frances Kincaid married Philip S. Jones, probably c1927, although no marriage record has been found for them. They were the parents of two daughters:

1. Cecelia A., born 14 June 1928, Maine; died 15 December 2001, Maine.
2. Norma E., born c1932, Maine

This family was intact in the 1940 census and I picked up a married name for Cecilia. It appears she has descendants, but her married name is unique and that might help me find her children and/or grandchildren. 🙂



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