A Century of Fashions in My Family, 1840s-1940s: Gents’ Turn

Yesterday, it was the ladies in my family tree who had a chance to show off their very fashionable clothing and hair styles.

Today, it’s the turn of the gentlemen. Here they are:

My 5X Great Grandfather, Thomas Adams
Photo taken in the late 1840s

My 2X Great Grandfather, William Coleman
Photo taken late 1850s

My 2X Great Grandfather, Calvin Segee Adams
Photo taken about 1870

Lowell R. Adams, brother of Calvin Adams
Photo taken late 1880s

My 3X Great Grandfather, Daniel Adams
Photo taken about 1890

My Great Grandfather, Hartwell Thomas Coleman
Photo taken about 1900

My Great Grandfather, Charles Edwin Adams
Photo taken in the 1910s

My Dad, George Michael Sabo
Photo taken in 1944

I love to see how fashions changed through the decades, both for women and men, although men’s styles don’t have the same distinctive differences seen in the ladies’ dresses.

Do you have fashion forward ancestors in your family tree?

6 thoughts on “A Century of Fashions in My Family, 1840s-1940s: Gents’ Turn”

  1. Linda, I love these fashion posts! You are so fortunate to have so many great photos of your ancestors! To see the changes from decade to decade is so interesting.

  2. You have some very handsome men in your family and such wonderful photos. Sometimes, the coats/jackets they wore belonged to the photographer.

  3. What a fun view of fashion, especially because they are your own family members. Seeing the women’s fashions was fun, too. You have an impressive collection of family photographs!

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