Robert Ransone & Frances Williamson, King and Queen County, VA, 1700s

Robert Ransone is the subject of today’s post and he is the Ransone about whom I’ve found the least amount of documented information. That is likely because he lived in King and Queen County, Virginia, another severely burned county.

First, it is believed that Ambrose Ransone is a son of Robert, probably because he named a son Robert. I haven’t found any other documentation that places Ambrose as his son, but James Ransone, father of Robert had but three children, sons Robert, Peter and George. Those other two given names don’t appear in Ambrose’s family, so the supposition that he named a son for his father is certainly plausible.

Given the lack of records for King and Queen County, I will have to accept Ambrose’s parentage for now.

Next, there is no evidence to prove Robert Ransone’s birth year, but an estimate of c1670 is probably close to accurate, give or take a couple of years.

Next, who did Robert marry? Well, it is quite certain that he married Frances Williamson and that Robert had died by 20 September 1720, probably in King and Queen County, given this Essex County, Virginia land deed:

19-20 Sept. 1720. Catherine Young of South farnham Parish, Essex County, widow, and Frances Ransome, widow and relict of Robert Ransome, dec., late of King and Queen County, to John Bush of South farnham Parish, planter. Lease and release; for 4000 pounds of sweet scented tobacco.
500 acres, part of 714 acres formerly granted to Mr. Edward Thomas by pattent 23 April 1688, it being part of the residue after 200 acres formerly conveyed to John Massey is allowed for … in Southfarnham Parish
Catherine (X) Young
Frances (F R) Ransom
Wit: Pr. Godfrey, Richd. Covington; Jno. (H) Hoskins.
20 Sept 1720. Acknowledged by Katherine Young and Frances, Ransone

Actually, quite a bit is known about Frances Williamson. Her birth year is estimated to be c1685 and she was the daughter of Henry Williamson, whose estate was probated in 1699 in Essex County, Virginia.

Frances married (1) Robert Bird, who died before 1713. Robert and Frances had one son, Philemon, born by 1707 and who died in 1752 in Richmond County, Virginia. (2) Robert Ransone, by 1713 and who died between June and 20 September 1720 (3) John Aldin, after 1720 (4) John Bryant, c1728

Here is the proof that Frances and Robert were married by 1713:

Frances Ransone 10/06&07/1713 Essex Co. Lease & release Robert Ransone of the Parish of St. Stevens (sic) in the county of King & Queen, planter and Frances his wife, sell to Joseph Brooks of the Parish of Kingston in the county of Gloucester, planter 436 acres in South Farnham Parish Essex Co. upon Rappahannock River and Thomas Creek for 83 pounds (note: my copy seems to say 5 shillings); signed by Robert Ransone and Frances Ransone Bk. 14 Pg. 158. Witnesses: W? Young, ? Welch and Richard Carter

Now, my estimate for the birth year of Ambrose Ransone is somewhere around 1705. Others have attributed Frances Williamson as the mother of Ambrose, but I tend to doubt that because of his estimated birth year. Virginia Rent Rolls for 1704 show a Bird holding land in Essex County. Since Frances seems to have been born c1685 and she married Robert Bird by about 1702 AND Robert Ransone’s birth year is thought to be c1670, I believe Robert may have married (1) Unknown and Frances was his second wife.

I’ve also seen online references to Robert Ransone possibly having a daughter Susanna. I agree that it is possible, given these two entries in the Essex County deed books. Frances seems to be too young to be Susanna’s mother:

1721-1724 Essex County Virginia Deed Book 17; {Antient Press}: Page 69-72
THIS INDENTURE made the sixteenth/seventeenth day of July 1722 Between JOHN BRYANT for & with the Consent of FRANCES his Wife of the Parish of St Stephens in County of king & Queen of one part and SUSANNA ROBINSON of the Parish of Southfarnham in County of Essex of the other part Witnesseth that said John Bryant for sum of fourty pounds Sterl. to him paid hath sold unto said Susanna Robinson & to her heirs forever all that peice of land containing 210 acres in Parish of South Farnham in County of Essex being the one moiety of a Pattent formerly granted to HENRY WILLIAMSON for 420 acres by pattent bareing date the 20th day of Septemr 1683
In presence of RICHD. HORSLEY, John Bryant
At a Court held for Essex County on 17th July 1722
John Bryant and Frances his Wife (she sd Frances being first privily examined) acknowledged this lease and release of land which is admitted to record.
1721-1724 Essex County Virginia Deed Book 17; {Antient Press}: Page 72
KNOW ALL MEN that I JOHN BRYANT of Parish of St. Stephens in County of King & Queen doe acknowledge myself bound unto SUSANNA ROBINSON Widow of Parish of Southfarnham in County of Essex in sum of Eighty pounds Sterl this 7th day of July 1722
The Condition of this Obligation is such that Jno. Bryant this day hath sold unto Susanna Robinson land in County of Essex Now if said John Bryant and Frances his Wife doe well and truly keep all articles herein contained that then this Obligation to be voyd
otherwise to stand in full force
Presence of LEO. HILL 1722 John Bryant
At a Court held for Essex County 17th July 1722, This Bond admitted to record.

The land conveyance involved property originally patented to Henry Williamson with John and Frances Bryant selling to Susanna Robinson in 1722. Susanna would have had to have been at least 21 years old, so born no later than 1701, to be transacting land deals in 1722. She was not Frances’s sister, but she might well have been her step-daughter.

Frances (Williamson) (Bird) (Ransone) (Aldin) Bryant apparently died sometime after 15 September 1730 as this deed does not state that she was deceased:

At a Court held for Essex County on the 15th day of September 1730 RICHARD TYLER & CATHERINE his Wife (the sd CATHERINE being first privily Examined by NICHOLAS SMITH Gent) acknowledged this their Deed indented to PETER RICIIESON which on his motion is admitted to Record

ESSEX SS. THOMAS WARING Gent. Justice of the Peace of the sd County makes Oath that in February Court 1715 in the sd County he did privily Examine FRANCES RANSOMS & KATHERINE YOUNG to certain Deeds for land from the sd FRANCES & KATHERINE & their husbands WM. YOUNG and ROBERT RANSONE to PETER RICHESON, and they confessed they did the same freely voluntarily and without Compulsion,
Sworn to in Essex Court this T WARING
15th day of Septr. 1730 & recorded

Children attributed to Robert Ransone:

1. Ambrose, born c1705; died before 23 August 1762, Cumberland County, Virginia; married Catherine Keeble, c1727, probably Gloucester County, Virginia
2. ?Susannah, born by 1701; died after 17 July 1722; married Mr. Robinson, by 1722

There you have it – the rather sparse surviving records relating to the life of Robert Ransone.


2 thoughts on “Robert Ransone & Frances Williamson, King and Queen County, VA, 1700s”

  1. Hi, Linda. I am going through my deceased mother’s records related to Reuben Ransom, RS, son of John Ransom. I have a lot of materials that she accumulated on the Ransoms, including on Robert & Frances Ransom. I am trying to decide what to keep. Her records are meticulous and well researched. Are a descendant of the Ransom family?

  2. Susan, I hope you will keep or pass on to other ‘Ranson’s your mother’s work. In am also a descendant of John Ranson and have researched the Ranson family extensively. Reuben Ranson may bencher person we called Uncle Marsh because one of his middle names was Marshall. If no none closer to you is interested in your mother’s papers, I certainly am.
    I live in Virginia, in Rockingham County which borders WV. (Our Uncle Marschn lived in the Charleston area.) Both my parents grew up in Appomattox County, Virginia where John Ranson and many of his descenants have lived. I hope to hear from you.

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