John Hendricks of Rowan County, NC & Montgomery County, KY

Today we’ll look at the family of John Hendricks, born probably in the early 1740s in York County, Pennsylvania, where his father, James Hendricks, lived at the time.

Although John Hendricks bought and sold several pieces of land, no wife is ever named with John in the deeds. Whether this is because his wife/wives had died or if it was an oversight is unknown.

Two of his sons, Jacob and Daniel, who was younger, both had family Bibles, so it is said. Since I have no information on the whereabouts of those Bibles today and have never seen any images of those Bible pages, I wanted to clarify that statement.

Jacob’s family Bible, which included his date of birth, reportedly said Jacob was the son of “John and Catherine.” No maiden name.

I did find this transcription said to have been copied in 1961. Notice that there is no mention of Jacob’s parents’ names:

Transcript of “Jacob Hendricks Book” – Printed in Glascow, Scotland Copied July 16, 1961

Jacob Hendricks Born Nov. 11, 1768
Frany Hendricks, his wife born Feb. 3, 1776

Joseph Hendricks, son of Jacob Hendricks born August 21 or 27 Aug, 1794

Mary Hendricks, daughter of Jacob Hendricks was born January 15, 1795 and died September 12, 1799

John Hendricks the son of Jacob Hendricks born July 9, 1797

James Hendricks son of Jacob Hendricks was born November 29, 1798

Elizabeth Hendricks Hendricks daughter of Jacob Hendricks born Dec. 8, 1800

Esrom Hendricks, son of Jacob was born Oct. 18, 1802(?) (blurred)

Jacob Roland Hendricks, son of Jacob Hendricks born February 16, 1806(?) (blurred)

Peter Hendricks born Dec. 12, 1771

Daniel Hendricks born Sept. 1, 1773

Mary Hendricks, Joseph Hendricks wife born January 5, 1794

Daniel’s family Bible, which also included his date of birth, reportedly gave the name of Daniel’s mother as Mary Welty. Here is a transcription of his Bible:

Transcript of Daniel Hendricks Bible. Original owner was Daniel Hendricks, Simpson County, Kentucky. The present owner is Miss Alma Hendricks, Bowling Green, Kentucky. No date. [Note: Alma Hendricks, born 1890; died 1976, Simpson County, KY]

Daniel Hendricks was born September 4, 1771. He died 1823.

William Hendricks was born July 22, 1797. He died August 26, 1845.

Lucinda Hendricks was born August 14, 1799. She died March 10, 1844

James Hendricks was born January 22, 1802

Polly Hendricks was born October 5, 1804

Mahala Hendricks was born April 3, 1807

Daniel Hendricks was born October 13, 1811

_______ Hendricks was born 1814

Nancy Walton was born March, 1827

Francis D. Walton was born December 22, 1830

Noah J. Hendricks was born July 8, 1819

Lucinda Francis Hendricks May 1, 1842

Josiah S. Hendricks was born July 1, 1844

D.H. Hendricks to Susanna Jones 1817

Noah J. Hendricks to __________ 1804

_____________ to Peter Hendricks

William Hendricks to __________

Lucinda Hendricks to ___________ 1818

Mahala Hendricks to William Wesley Walton, May 15, 1826

From a chart inside Bible (UNDATED!):

“Lucinda was the daughter of Daniel Hendricks who is shown in the Bible to have been born Sept. 6, 1771. —– (from chart) Daniel was born in Rowan Co., N.C. and married on Jan. 22, 1791 to Mary S (or L.)ibinna Krans (Kraus) who was born in N.C. about 1773 and died in Simpson Co., Ky. Dec. 16, 1816. Daniel was the son of John Hendricks and Mary Weldy. He was the son of James M. Hendricks and she was the child of Abraham Weldy. James M. Hendricks was the son of Albertis Quaker Hendricks and Catherine Woolf.”

Not having the benefit of seeing these Bible pages myself, I can’t vouch for the accuracy of this information, but it reasonable to accept that John Hendricks may have married (1) Catherine and (2) Mary Welty. However, the information in the Bible was not written by Daniel and was on a separate chart that includes the lore about Albertis Quaker Hendricks, which I won’t repeat here. Perhaps time will shed more light on this.

Proof of John’s children is mostly gleaned from the Hendricks families who lived with John on Montgomery County, Kentucky and those who settled in Warren County, Kentucky about the same time.

John’s death date is uncertain, but he was living in Montgomery County by 1798, as evidenced by this land deed:

John Hendricks to William Hendricks, 1798
Rowan County, NC Deed Book 17:70-71
Source: FamilySearch

It begins: This indenture made this second day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety eight Between John Hendricks of the State of Kentucky and Montgomery County of the first part and William Hendricks of the State of North Carolina and Mecklenberg County of the other part. . . . .

The conveyance clearly states that John came to own the land as a legacy from his father:

. . . of land being Conveyed to the above said John Hendricks as part of his Legasee from his father James Hendricks Deceased. . . .

Children, which I believe to be John’s:

1. Phillip, born c1764, probably Frederick County, Maryland; died after 1810 when he lived in Montgomery County, Kentucky. He may be the man in Fleming County, Kentucky in 1820.
2. John, born c1766, probably Frederick County, Maryland; left a will dated 13 April 1814, proved in Warren County, Kentucky; married Fanny, who survived him and to whom he left his whole estate.
3. Jacob, born 11 November 1768, probably Frederick County, Maryland; died before 5 November 1838, either in Warren or Muhlenberg County, Kentucky; married Frina Roland, 25 June 1792, Rowan County, North Carolina. Jacob appears on the 1797 tax list of Montgomery County, Kentucky, so I feel confident that his family and his father made the move together.
4. Peter, born 12 December 1771, either Frederick County, Maryland or  Rowan County, North Carolina. Peter is married with a family on the 1810 census of Montgomery County, Kentucky.
5. Daniel, born 1 September 1773, probably Rowan County, North Carolina; died 1823; married Mary Krause, 22 January 1791, Rowan County, North Carolina

Henry Hendricks, living in Warren County, Kentucky in 1810 and 1820 might be a son. John is also said to have had a son James, born c1788 and died by 5 June 1844, but I have no documentation to back that up.

It’s also likely that John had several daughters, but, if so, their names have been lost to time.

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