The Palatine Families of New York – 1710: A Supplement by Henry Z. Jones- Hot Off the Press!

Henry Z. (Hank) Jones, FASG, FGBS, is well known for his monumental research on the Palatine Germans to America. His books grace the collections of every major genealogical library.

For those of you who read my blog regularly, you know that Stufflebeans were a part of that Palatine migration, although my husband’s ancestor came in a later wave in 1740, not in 1710.

Years ago, in the early 1980s, when I was pretty much a newbie researcher and living in Southern California, I used to make somewhat regular trips to the Los Angeles Family History Center.

I knew quite a bit about my own family tree, but not so much about the Stufflebeans, other than they were of German heritage. My father-in-law thought that maybe his great grandfather was the immigrant ancestor – he was off by several generations!

I was there one Saturday morning, had my film reader all staked out and was waiting to hear my name called for a requested microfilm. I heard ‘Stufflebean’ and went to retrieve the film.

There was a gentleman sitting nearby and his ears perked up when he heard my name. It was Hank Jones. We started talking genealogy, of course! After that day, we ran into each other every so often at the library, then at genealogy conferences, and have kept in touch through the years.

Little did I know back then, how much I would learn about the Stufflebeans and their Palatine heritage from and because of Hank’s contributions to the genealogy world.

This week, I learned that there is a brand new book out: The Palatine Families of New York – 1710: A Supplement

This will likely be the final book in the Palatine families volumes that Hank has written.

He shared: It contains all my discoveries on the origins of the 847 families made since publication of the original two volume set. I wanted to have all this documented material available in one book to be used as a companion volume to the 1985 set.

A lengthy addenda section details what it was like under my planning and direction for my chief researcher Carla Mittelstaedt-Kubaseck to search village-to-village in Germany looking for the 847 families AND 1500 of the later arrivals to America in the 2nd wave of emigration 1717-1776 – ALL before most of these church and civil records were ever microfilmed and before the age of the internet! On-site investigations were necessary! Carla’s exploits trying to find these families where I had theorized they might be found were exciting, amazing, and emotionally moving.

The book is organized by the family surnames with additional new documented data on the German origins of 240 out of the 847 families who landed in the colonies in 1710.

This latest book is 187 pages long, softcover, and can be ordered directly from Henry Z. Jones Jr., either with a check or by PayPal. The cost is $39.50 plus $3.50 for shipping.
All of the previous Palatine families books are completely sold out, except for volume II of The Palatine Families of New York – 1710.
This is a terrific opportunity to add an excellent book to your reference library if you have Palatine German ancestry or an interest in their history. I’ve already ordered mine!
DISCLAIMER: I’ve received no considerations, material or otherwise, for writing this post. My opinions are my own!



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