Happy Halloween 2020

Source: My Personal Postcard Collection

This adorable postcard done by Ellen Clapsaddle, was sent to Rilla Sanderson, daughter of George Sanderson, who lived in Bellingham, Norfolk, Massachusetts in 1912. It was mailed from Woonsocket, Rhode Island, where her paternal grandparents, John and Esther Sanderson, lived. It was simply signed, no message, “From Grandma & Grandpa.”

Sadly, Rilla passed away in 1921 at the young age of nineteen years old. She is buried beside other family members in Union Cemetery in Bellingham.

Someone, probably a sibling, cherished this memory of Rilla for many years as it is in quite good condition.

This year certainly is unlike any other in our memories and many towns are not allowing trick or treaters to go house-to-house (which is a good thing.) However you celebrate this year, please do it with health and safety in mind.

Happy Halloween!

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