New DNA Ethnicity Estimates on Ancestry

There is much chatter this week about Ancestry’s updated DNA ethnicity results, so I decided to venture a look to see how my and my husband’s ethnicity groupings have changed.

Here are my estimates from 2019:

Here are the 2020 results:

The numbers look slightly different, but I don’t think there is a substantial change.

Eastern Europe decreased by 1%. Both my paternal grandparents are Carpatho-Rusyn from Slovakia, so 47% isn’t far off from 50.

My paper trail has identified recent ancestors (2X greats) from Denmark and southern Sweden. As my Danish family lived far north and my Swedes couldn’t be any further south unless they were in the water, AND I have mariners in the family, a mix of Norwegian is very likely.

Further back, I can account for many English ancestors, along with a few Scots and Dutch. The Irish is probably from a Scots-Irish mixture somewhere (maybe in my pesky brick wall Carlisle ancestors.)

I have to admit that my ethnicity ESTIMATES are, at this point, probably not misaligned much from my paper trail.

Here are my husband’s 2019 estimates:

And his 2020 numbers:

Dave’s estimates are, I think, off by a fair amount. That is mainly because the Stufflebean line is heavily Germanic from the Palatinate. They arrived in the colonies in 1740 and intermarried heavily with other German speaking people well into the late 1800s.

Dave only showed 6% German before and Germany has disappeared from the 2020 list. It is NOT part of England and Northwestern Europe. However, he has TONS of DNA matches with all his distant cousins on the German side of the tree.

His paper trail isn’t as well defined as mine since his ancestors preferred to live where records don’t exist. These estimates seem to better represent his mom’s side of the family. The 1% African I assume is from one of his many Southern ancestors, also more likely to be through his maternal line.

Therefore, we seem to have one report which very closely matches research while the second report seems to have lost the paternal gene results!

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