Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Did You or Your Children Know Their Great Grandparents?

Here we are at the 1st of August already, but it’s the weekend, so time for Saturday Night Genealogy Fun with Randy Seaver. This week, it’s all about the great-grandparents and whether I or my son, Michael, knew any of them.

The challenge:
1) Did you or your children know their great-grandparents? 

Let’s begin with me.

1. I never knew any of my paternal great grandparents, as Stephen Kucharik died in 1933, his wife Mary Kacsenyak in 1926 and Michael Scerbak in 1932. Nana’s mother, Anna Murcko Scerbak, lived until 1967. However, she lived in Czechoslovakia, which at the time was behind the Iron Curtain. Even though I was 15 when she passed away, we never met.

2. On my maternal side, Charles Adams died in 1922, wife Annie Stuart died in 1940, Hartwell Coleman died in 1938 and his wife, Anna Jensen, died in 1916 – all long before my lifetime.

My son, Michael:

  1. On Michael’s paternal side, he never met any of his great grandparents, although one – Pearl Brasher Stufflebean – lived into his lifetime. She died when he was eleven months old and lived in Oklahoma, while we were in California. Earl Stufflebean died in 1947. Oscar Sturgell died in 1968 and Ethel Nation Sturgell died in 1976. These passings were all long before Michael was born.
  2. On Michael’s maternal side, George Sabo died in 1936, Julia Scerbak Sabo in 1985 and Vernon Adams in 1968. However, Hazel Coleman Adams lived until 1995 and Michael got to visit with her twice.

I love this four generation photo of Michael in my lap, along with my mother, Doris and grandmother, Hazel, taken in November 1988.

However, Michael does have vague memories of the trip we made to Massachusetts when he was six years old in the summer of 1994. Grandmother loved visiting with him, but this was the only other time she saw him, as she passed away in April 1995.

Michael is very lucky he was just old enough to remember his great grandmother.

Thanks, Randy, for this week’s challenge. 🙂

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