Polish Genealogy Research: Genealogy at a Glance – Review

First, the DISCLAIMER – I have received several complimentary items, including Genealogy at a Glance: Polish Genealogy Research, Updated Edition by Rosemary A. Dembinski Chorzempa, published in 2020, to review. These perks do not influence my opinions of the publications in any way!

Having said that, I do believe that the Genealogical Publishing Company, which has been in business for many decades, has a long standing reputation for producing quality work.

This is the second Genealogy at a Glance guide that I am reviewing. Like the first on Finding Jewish Eastern European Ancestors, this guide is four pages long, encased in hard lamination to protect it from the elements.

The format is also similar to the last guide, but the topics are somewhat different.


Quick Facts and Important Dates
Polish Names
Polish History and Emigration
Finding the Hometown
Online Databases from Poland
Other Resources
Areas in Polish Lands

My Eastern European roots are in Slovakia, not Poland, so I’ve not used Polish records. However, both countries have had similar changes of political boundaries and governments, as they are in the crossfire of various armies that have passed through the area throughout history.

What that means for today’s Polish family historian is that locating the records can be a challenge and, if they are found, can be in unexpected locations and languages.

This At a Glance guide will be a boon to beginning Polish researchers, as one full page is devoted to tips and resources for identifying the ancestral hometown.

The Polish databases will also be extremely useful and the back page lists major areas of Poland and the form of the place names when found in English, Latin, Polish and German. For example, without this guide, I would not have known that West Prussia, Borussia, Prusy Zachodnie and Westpreussen are all the same place!

I highly recommend that beginning and even intermediate researchers with Polish ancestry purchase Genealogy at a Glance: Polish Genealogy Research, Updated Edition. It is a great quick guide to keep on hand.

It is available for $9.95 and can be ordered online from the Genealogical Publishing Company.


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