Finding Eastern European Jewish Ancestors: Genealogy at a Glance – Review

First, the DISCLAIMER – I have received several complimentary items, including Genealogy at a Glance: Finding Eastern European Jewish Ancestors by Janette Silverman, to review. These perks do not influence my opinions of the publications in any way!

Having said that, I do believe that the Genealogical Publishing Company, which has been in business for many decades, has a long standing reputation for producing quality work.

Janette Silverman’s Finding Eastern European Jewish Ancestors, published in 2020 and part of the Genealogy at a Glance series, is a well organized summary to help researchers trace Jewish ancestors in Eastern Europe.

Although I have no Jewish ancestors, I do have 50% of my family tree residing in Eastern Europe. With all the political and boundary changes through the years, finding records there can be a challenge. Locating Jewish records there can be even more challenging.

At a Glance publications are four pages, heavily laminated to last, packed with hand tips and suggested resources.


Quick Facts – List of helpful background history of Jews in Eastern Europe
Who Are Jews?
Finding Jewish Immigrant Ancestors:
Why Identifying Ashkenazic Immigrants is So Difficult –
Disappearing Ancestors
Record Sources
Major Repositories
Online Resources

What I like most about this guide are the repository lists and online resources, as there are some lesser known sites to point researchers in the right direction.

This guide is an excellent – portable – resource for anyone beginning down the path of Jewish Eastern European research.  At the inexpensive price of $9.95, it is a bargain.

Finding Eastern European Jewish Ancestors can be ordered online from the Genealogical Publishing Company.

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