1715 Will of Samuel Tarbox of Gloucester, MA

Next up in my Tarbox line is Samuel Tarbox, who married (1) Rebeckah Armitage and (2) Experience Look. Samuel did leave a very short will, which I did not include when I wrote about Samuel, his two wives and many children back in 2015.

Samuel wrote his will on 16 August 1715 and died a month later on 12 September 1715 in Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts.

Will of Samuel Tarbox, 16 August 1715
Essex County, MA Probate Packet 27208
Source: American Ancestors

In the name of God Everlasting Amen — The Sixteenth Day of August In the yere of our Lord God one-thousand Seven Hundred & fifteen = I Samuell Tarbox of Lyn in the County of Essex in the province of The Massachusetts Bay in New=England Husband man=being under a wasting distemper of boddy & uever weak but of perfect mind & memmory Thanks be to God, Calling to mind the mortallity of my bodd Doe make & ordaine this my Lst Will & Testament That is to say. ffirst of all, I recommend my Soul to God that Gave it and my boddy to the Earth to be buried in a Decent Christian manner at the Descreshon o my Executrix. And as touching what Wodly Estate God hath been plesed to bestow on me I give & Dispose of the Same as followeth—

Imprimist That all my Just & Honest Detts & ffunerall charges be truly & honistly paid out of my Estate by my Executrix here after named–

In having but a small estate, and my children considerable grown up, and mostly taken care for, and I have done for according to my capacity, and my beloved wife being in years and a lame woman, my will is, and I doe hereby will and bequeath unto my beloved wife Experience Tarbox her heirs and assigns for ever, all my estate both real and personal, housing and lands, with all my movables both within doors and without doors, to be at her own pleasure, to give sell and dispose of as she see cause for her own comfortable subsistence. If my afore said estate may remain more than for her subsistence afore said my desire is that she doe, as I doubt not her loving nature will move her to dispose of the same among my children as Shee see cause.

My will is and I doe hereby appoint & ordaine my aforesd beloved wife Experience Tarbox to be my Lawfull Sole Executrix to this my Last Will & Testament And for Confirmation to this my Last Will & Testament I the before named Samuel Tarbox (???) to affixed my hand and Seale on the Day of the Date above written.

Samuel Tarbox (seal)

Signed & Sealed in the presents of us–

Theophilus Burrill
Thomas Graves
Jonas (?)



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