Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Fourth of July Memories

Being Independence Day, this week’s Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenge with Randy Seaver is not a surprise!

Along with answering the questions, I’d like to share a link to Lee Greenwood singing God Bless the U.S.A. with Home Free and the Singing Sergeants of The United States Air Force Band, done virtually. It is a fabulous rendition of the song.

It’s Saturday Night and the Fourth of July – let’s have some Genealogy Fun! If you’re reading this on Sunday morning, or even later, it’s not too late for you to participate.

1) Think of the best Fourth of July you remember from your childhood.
2) Think of the best Fourth of July you remember from your adulthood.
3) What will you do on the holiday?

1. I’d have to say that the best 4th of July holidays were spent on Lake Winnipesaukee in the 1960s. I stayed with my aunt, uncle and cousins for the summer. My uncle is a terrific BBQ cook and he’d cook the burgers, steak and hot dogs. After dinner, when it got dark, we’d all get into the boat and sit in Meredith Bay to watch the fireworks over Weirs Beach. There were hundreds of boats sitting in the water, watching. Every time there was a display some group liked, they’d honk the horn of their boat. Of course, the cacophony of horns at the end was for the finale, which was always spectacular!

2. As an adult, I don’t remember any special 4th of July get togethers. We usually spent the day with Dave’s family, who all lived nearby. Everybody would bring one or two food items and we’d have a barbecue with burgers, hot dogs and lots of different fruit and vegetable salads. My mother in law was an excellent cook and she’d often make deviled eggs for any holiday. My son absolutely loved her deviled eggs! Instead of going to see fireworks shows, the evening would be spent playing family friendly fun games, either cards or whatever my in-laws favorite new board game was. We always had a great time.

3. Given the pandemic, we aren’t doing any special for the 4th. Normally, we could watch the  town fireworks display from our backyard. However, the Bighorn fire (started by lightning in early June), which has burned over 119,000 acres all through the month of June, is only 73% contained. Because of the heat (103 today), low humidity and a breeze, the local fireworks displays have been cancelled. Tucson doesn’t need another fire right now.

Have a fun, safe holiday!

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  1. So sorry to hear the fire season has started in Arizona. You’re right, most of our celebrations appear to be alike–great food, good company, & fireworks in the evening.

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