Milo Mishler and Libbie Hostetler of LaGrange County, IN

Recently, I came across this photo of a young couple, probably taken around the time of their wedding on 15 December 1900 in LaGrange County, Indiana. The newlyweds are Milo Mishler and Libbie Hostetler.

Milo Mishler was born 15 December 1880, the son of Isaac and Lydia Mishler, who were of the Mennonite faith. Libbie was Elizabeth Hostetler, born 19 May 1878, the daughter of Elias and Lydia Hostetler, who were also Mennonites.

Milo and Libbie married on his 20th birthday and settled down to married life. In 1910 and 1920, Milo was enumerated as a farmer. By 1930, his occupation was trucking and, in 1940, he was the operator of his own farm. I think that meant that he managed his own farm with hired help.

Libbie was a lady ahead of her time because n 16 June 1902, she was appointed as the postmaster in the little town of Emma in LaGrange County.

Milo and Libbie were the parents of one son and two daughters, although their son died in infancy. Libbie predeceased her husband, passing away on 20 October 1951 in LaGrange County. Milo married (2) Anna Edna Leininger in 1955 and they had one daughter.

Children of Milo and Libbie:

1. Garold, died 29 December 1904
2. Gladys, born 1906; died 2003; married Walter Breniser (1905-1978), 13 June 1925, Niagara, New York. No children were in the home in 1930 or are buried with them.
3. Grace, born 1910; died 1979; married Orvan Bontrager, 11 January 1928, Clay Township, Indiana

Grace and Orvan were the parents of five children and have a number of living descendants.

I am pleased to say that this photo of the descendants’ great grandparents is now back at home with family. 🙂


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