Kovalycsik Family of Garfield, New Jersey

I seem to be stuck once again the in the past of Passaic, New Jersey. The Kovalycsik family was related to my Nana, Julia Scerbak Sabo, through her mother Anna Murcko Scerbak’s side of the family.

Anna Murcko’s younger sister was Susanna, born 1877, who married John Kovalycsik.

John Kovalycsik was born 6 December 1868 in Udol, Slovakia, the son of John and Susanna (Fengya) Kovalycsik. They married c1895.


  1. Anna, born 1896; died 1957; married Michael Wancho (1892-1964). They had four children, John, Henry, Edward and Dorothy Olga.
  2. Susanna, born c1899; died February 1968; married Stephen Ruff. They had one daughter, Susie, born c1929, but divorced between 1930 and 1940. They lived in Garfield, Bergen, New Jersey.
  3. Olga, born c1902; died 1985; unmarried
  4. John, born 1907; died 1915
  5. Peter, born c1912; died 1953
  6. Daniel, born 1916; died 1989; married Joyce, c 1 June 1957, but later divorced. I don’t think he had any children.

Nana kept in close contact with her first cousins and I remember addressing Christmas cards to the Kovalycsiks, the Wanchos and Susie Ruff.

She went to the funeral for Peter Kovalycsik, which died in the summer of 1953, apparently in New York, but his funeral was held from the Elias Funeral Home at 167 Third Street in Passaic.

I would like to return this to a family member, so if you are descended from John and Susanna Kovalycsik, please leave a comment.

One thought on “Kovalycsik Family of Garfield, New Jersey”

  1. Hi:
    I am Peter’s youngest daughter. I well remember your Nana Julia Sabo. She was close friends with my auntie Sue. Your nana would visit often. I remember her as glamorous in how she dressed, elegant, classy & quite beautiful. My auntie Sue seemed to rely upon her for emotional support. They often did social things apart from the family enclave.

    If you still have the card from my dad’s funeral, it would mean the world to me to have it!

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