Brasher Mystery Photo: Summertime in Early OK

It’s been a while since I shuffled through some of the family photos which have unknown subjects.

Today’s photo is one of my more unusual ones because of both the setting and the subjects.

First, the setting – This is a somewhat primitive farmhouse, built up off the ground. The house looks to be quite small, too, but it has a nice porch.

Second, the subjects – My husband’s grandmother, Pearl Lillian Brasher, is the young girl with the hat sitting by the baby carriage, second from the right. It’s one of the only pictures I have of a group of female adults and children.

Who Are They?

It’s hard to tell exactly how old Pearl is here, but she definitely looks to be at least 12 but not as old as 16. That would date this photo to c1912-1914, as she was born in 1898.

I know a lot about her life story. She was born in Hopkins County, Texas to Joseph Henry Brasher and Minnie Mae Williams, who divorced when Pearl was a little girl.

Minnie remained in Texas, but lived in the Hill Country when she married (2) Charles Horne. This definitely isn’t her house, which was in a much more established looking area.

Pearl lived with her mother when she was small, but by her teen years, she lived with her father, stepmother and half siblings in Noble, Oklahoma. This definitely could be a house in Noble.

The other possibility is that Pearl was visiting her maternal grandfather, John Christopher Williams, who lived back in Hopkins County, Texas.

John C. Williams Farm

Pearl’s grandfather’s house was definitely in the same style as in my unknown picture, but his porch and house, in general, were bigger.

Here is a photo of the Williams clan:

Pearl and Minnie, left and second left, standing

None of the women or children look anything like any of the women and children in the unknown picture.

Therefore, my two choices seem to be (1) visiting neighbors in Hopkins County, Texas or, more likely, visiting in Noble, Oklahoma because I don’t see Minnie in the unknown photo.

What do you think? If you have family who lived in Noble, Oklahoma during its early days of statehood and you recognize any of these ladies or children, please leave a comment.

One thought on “Brasher Mystery Photo: Summertime in Early OK”

  1. I can’t help with any of the ID work, but wow, what wonderful photos. Moments frozen in a time so very different from ours, with our pocket computers (or phones), streaming services, and air travel.

    Hopefully someone be able to help you narrow down where these photos were taken and even, possibly, let you know who else is in them, aside from Pearl.

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