Mystery Photo – Children in Norman, Oklahoma, c1915

It’s mystery time again, but this isn’t a total mystery. It’s more like a partial puzzle.

Stufflebean Children or Grandchildren or Both?

The first issue is that this isn’t the most in-focus photo I’ve ever seen. The sun light also makes it difficult to get a good look at the children’s faces.

Secondly, although this photo isn’t marked, the setting looks similar to property owned by John Henry Stufflebean that I’ve seen in other pictures. That makes me think this photo was taken in Noble, Oklahoma.

Unfortunately, the youngest child, on the right, is the hardest to see. However, he puts me in the mind a bit of my father-in-law, Edward Stufflebean. If so, this picture was probably taken about 1920, as Ed was born in June 1917.

IF the little guy is Ed, then I’m quite certain that the boys are probably all grandchildren of John Henry Stufflebean.

On the other hand, John Henry had a second family of children, born 1906-1919. The only son among his younger children was Harry Glenn, born 1911, who went by Glenn. If Glenn is one of these boys, then the youngest boy couldn’t be Ed as the other boys don’t look old enough to be quite nine years old.

In that case, Glenn was probably photographed with several of his cousins.

The question remains – who are these four boys?

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