Land Grant for Isaac Nation Registered 1852, After His Death

Grant to Isaac Nations by State of Tennessee
Overton County, Tennessee DB M:202-203
Source: FamilySearch

While on the hunt for Spear documentation in Overton County, Tennessee, I happily stumbled upon a land grant for Isaac Nation, another of my husband’s ancestors who settled in that area.

However, I was quite surprised because, according to family lore, Isaac died in Texas while en route to settle there, about 1848. This grant wasn’t recorded until 24 November 1852!

I suspect that his heirs needed proof of land ownership and had the grant recorded at the courthouse.

Grant from the State of Ten Deed 50 acres by No 2574 & by Entry No. 466 Situation the Waters of the West fork To Isaac Nations

State of Tennessee No. 2574: To all to whom these presents Shall Come Greeting: Know ye, that for and in consideration of the Sum of twelve and one half cents per acre paid into the office of the Entry Taker of Overton County, and Entered on the 1st day of October 1825 pursuant to the provision of an act of the General assembly of Said State passed on the 22nd day of November 1823 by No. 466. There is Granted by the Said State of Tennessee unto Isaac Nations a certain tract or parcel of land containing Fifty acres by Survey bearing date the 29th day of January 1831 lying in Said county on the waters of the west fork of Obeds River, Beginning at a post-oak and hickory running South Eighty poles to a hickory in Dillons line; thence west one hundred and twenty poles with Dillens line to a black Jack and post-oak in Said line; then North Sixty poles to a white oak and black-oak near the foot of a mountain; thence East Eighty poles to a Stake; thence North twenty poles to a Stake meandering said mountain; thence East Forty poles to the Beginning. With the hereditaments and appurtenances. To have and to hold the Said tract or parcel of land with its appurtenances to the Said Isaac nations and his heirs forever. In witness whereof William Carroll Governor of the State of Tennessee has hereunto set his hand and caused the Great Seal of the State to be affixed at Nashville on the 18th day of June 1832 and 56th year of our Independence. By the Governor Sam G. Smith Secretary

Wm. Carroll
Isaac nations is intitled to the within described tract of land
R. Nelsen Register of the Mountain Destrict
Recorded in my office Book D page (408?)
R. Nelson Register of the Mountain Destrict
Rec. the State Ten
N.H. Turner – Clk
The foregoing is a correct registry of Grant 2574 also of the certificates thereon & was registered on the 18th day of January AD one thousand Eight hundred and fifty three and was filed in my office for registration on the on the twenty fourth day of November at two o’clock PM in (filation?) Dock at page fifty five

John Kennedy Register

Until finding this land deed, which is the only one Isaac recorded in Tennessee, as far as I have found, I only knew that the Nation family moved from Preble County, Ohio between the 1820 census:

Source: Ancestry

and 1830, when he was enumerated in 1830:

Source: Ancestry

Thanks to the 1825 date in this land deed, I now know that Isaac Nation moved his young family to Tennessee mid-decade.

He left so few records in his paper trail, that I am thankful when I find a new one. And, even better, I wasn’t looking for Nation records when I found this. I was scrolling through the general land deed index and just HAPPENED to stop on the N page as I checked to see how far I’d gone in the digital images.

Thank you, Isaac!

2 thoughts on “Land Grant for Isaac Nation Registered 1852, After His Death”

  1. If you examine the Early North Carolina and Tennessee Land Grants via Ancestry, This grant is actually recorded originally in 1832 having been entered in 1825 and surveyed in 1831. This however does not mean Isaac was not on the land prior. More often than not persons would reside on land a number of years before making it to the land office.

    My understanding of the land process was that first you entered a claim. Once the claim was validated it was surveyed. Lastly the certificate was granted and the deed recorded.

    It also states the grant is pursuant to land law passed Nov 22, 1823 which was a bill to establish offices and allow claims on vacant land.

    One last thing on Issac. If you search him on google, you will find that in 2018 a grave marker was placed in Lyons Cemetery. Here is the link

    He was married to my 5th GGF’s daughter Jane around 1830. This is proven by a deed recorded in Deed Book N. 203-204 which is for the heirs of Isaac Robbins, my 5 GGF. Isaac is listed as an heir with wife Jane Nation who was Robbins by birth.

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