Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Your “Favorite” Genealogy Websites

It’s time once again for Saturday Night Genealogy Fun and, thank you, Randy Seaver, for providing a topic this week that won’t be nearly as taxing on my brain. 🙂

1)   What are your “Favorite” genealogy websites?  What ones do you have in your web browser “Bookmarks” or “Favorites” bar or listing?
I keep my bookmarks quite concise and update them when I research in a new area of interest. I’ve found that if I don’t keep a manageable list, I end up with many websites that I either never use anymore or else the url changes.
My bookmarks bar has the following websites:
Like Randy, I also have feedly bookmarked and it is the first thing I open each morning when I turn on my computer. All the blogs that I follow are in feedly – probably 150 or so. I keep that list updated, too. If a blog is silent for 3 months, I remove the link.
I am looking forward to reading everyone else’s lists, as I love to find out about new resources.

2 thoughts on “Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Your “Favorite” Genealogy Websites”

  1. A great list. I, too, have Feedly and read blogs that I don’t have email subscriptions for.

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