Johannes, the Earliest Documented Stoppelbein (Stubbleleg), of Laubenheim, Germany, His Children and Grandchildren

Laubenheim and Langenlonsheim, Germany
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Little is known about Johannes Stoppelbein, the earliest known ancestor with what became the Stufflebean surname. Google Translate gives “stubble” “leg” when the surname is divided into “stoppel” and “bein.” I have to wonder if this Johannes was either born with a malformed leg or lost part of a leg due to illness or accident. I’ve also wondered if Y-DNA testing might uncover a different surname that matches genetically with Stoppelbein-Stufflebean descendants, but I digress!

Johannes Stoppelbein was likely born about 1600 and probably in the area in which he lived – Laubenheim and Langenlonsheim – in the Palatinate area of today’s Germany. The two towns are less than 3 km apart in distance and located west of Mainz, Germany.

Johannes Stopplebein married a young lady named Elisabetha, who was buried on 31 March 1666 in Laubenheim. There are two children attributed to this couple.


1. Margaret, reportedly born c1633, but I have no documentation for her.
2. Hans Valentine, baptized 12 January 1633/34, Langenlonsheim, Germany; died 23 December 1688, Laubenheim, German; married (1) Magdalena, before 1657 (2) Anna Maria Mueller, 5 January 1666/67, Laubenheim, Germany.

Generation 2

Hans Valentine Stoppelbein and wives Magdalena and  Anna Maria Mueller (c1640-11 December 1690), then, are the progenitors of the Stufflebeans today.

Hans Valentine and Magdalena were the parents of one known son:


1. George Michael, born c1657; married Agnes Enders. They were the parents of four known children, two daughters and two sons –  Johannes, born c1681; died 25 March 1736, Laubenheim, Germany; married Anna Otilia Schlinghoser, c1710, Margaretha, baptized 17 February 1684, and Hans Wilhelm, baptized 5 January 1687,

Hans Valentine and Anna Maria were the parents of seven known children, but nothing further is known about any except the first born child, Hans Peter Stoppelbein.


  1. Hans Peter, baptized 17 November 1667; married (1) Engel Scherp, 14 January 1690/91 (2) Dorothy Graess, 25 January 1710/11, both in Laubenheim, Germany
  2. Daughter, baptized 9 April 1671, Laubenheim, Germany
  3. Michael, baptized 15 February 1673/74, Laubenheim, Germany
  4. Jacob, baptized 17 December 1676, Laubenheim, Germany
  5. Christopher, baptized 3 July 1679, Laubenheim, Germany
  6. Engel, baptized 6 January 1680/81, Laubenheim, Germany
  7. Peter, baptized 2 September 1685, Laubenheim, Germany

Generation 3

With Hans Peter Stoppelbein, the family began to grow, although little is known about most of the children. As far as is known, all of Hans Peter’s children were born to his first wife, Engel Scherp.

Children, all baptized in Laubenheim:

1. Hans Peter, baptized 3 February 1691/92
2. Anna Clara, baptized 13 March 1694/95
3. Johann Jacob, baptized 13 January 1696/97; married (1) Anna Maria Pries, 8 August 1724 (2)Anna Margaretha Enck, 18 January 1731. Both marriages were in Laubenheim, Germany.
4. Johann Valentine, baptized 16 May 1699
5. Johann Gabriel, baptized 31 October 1700
6. Anna Margaretha, baptized c1702
7. Hugo Phillip, baptized 22 February 1704/05
8. Josias, baptized 22 August 1760
9. Anna Margaretha, baptized 21 July 1709

My husband’s line of descent:

1. Johannes Stoppelbein & Elisabetha
2. Hans Valentine & Anna Maria Mueller
3. Hans Peter Stoppelbein & Engel Scherp
4. Johann Jacob Stoppelbein & Anna Margaretha Enck
5. Johannes Stoppelbein & Eva Dingman
6. Johannes Stoppelbein/Stufflebean & Elsee Larrison
7. Michael Stufflebean & Elizabeth Baker
8. John Stufflebean & Matilda Jane Peavler
9. John Henry Stufflebean & Mary Elizabeth Hollen
10. Earl Marcus Stufflebean & Pearl Lillian Brasher
11. Edward Earl Stufflebean & Ruby Jewel Sturgell
12. David Lee Stufflebean



4 thoughts on “Johannes, the Earliest Documented Stoppelbein (Stubbleleg), of Laubenheim, Germany, His Children and Grandchildren”

  1. I have found that the earliest Johannes Stoppelbein you have listed was born in 1632 as Johann Valentine Stoppelbein in Langenlonsheim, Germany. This was researched through Anecestry. This is where the line ended so far.

    I am related to the Stufflebeam/Stoppelbein family through my mother’s mother, Ethel (Stufflebeam) Gregory. Old luck in your search

  2. Hi Linda, I’ve been reading your blogs on the Stufflebeans descended from John and Elsee non stop. I would love to talk to you about Michael and Elizabeth’s line with son Hiram and Susan.

  3. Thank you for posting this! I’m a Stufflebeam (paternal) and I remember a physical family tree that one of my family members commissioned. Unfortunately, I am not in contact with that side of the family so I cannot obtain any photos of it. My ancestors settled in Ky and in Fulton co, IL in the 18th and 19th centuries. Very cool to connect with other Stufflebeam/Stufflebean/Stoppelbeins!

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