Holland Family Facts – Anne Arundel County, MD in the 17th & 18th Centuries

Much like my husband’s elusive Larrison family, clues abound indicating family relationships among the Hollands who settled in Anne Arundel County, Maryland by the mid 1600s. Also like the Larrisons, there may not be any documentary evidence to prove certain relationships, but hypotheses can be developed.

This post is going to be slightly different than most of what I write. That’s because one of my favorite finds in search engines is a page where someone has compiled many facts related to one person or family, which is a huge help to other researchers.

NOTE: There were other Hollands early in Maryland in other counties, but the Hollands in this record collection were all residents of Anne Arundel County.

Since I’m not sure proof of parentage for Anthony Holland, which is my goal, exists, I have compiled marriage, probate and land facts about the earliest Hollands in Baltimore and then soon in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.

Many of Anthony Holland’s FAN club were Quakers, such as Mordecai Price. It isn’t known whether Anthony was also a Quaker.

The preferred Holland neighborhood in Anne Arundel County was Herring Creek Hundred, one of five hundreds (land areas) existing in 1707 and was the hundred sitting in the southernmost portion of the county.

1. Francis Holland transported himself, wife Mary, son Francis and Mary Blackwell to Anne Arundel County in 1661. He likely is Francis, next, with Margaret being a later wife.

2. Francis Holland Sr. wrote his will on 7 April 1683 and it was probated the following year on 12 August 1684. He named his wife, Margaret, son Francis Holland Jr. and daughter Margaret, who married Col. William Holland, most likely a cousin of some degree. Francis Sr. have 190 acres called Holland’s Hills surveyed on 7 August 1663. Francis Jr. inherited two lots in Herringtowne, described as part of the addition “Cortes Bennit and Hollands Hills.” Francis Jr. may not have been married at this time or else a newlywed because his father stipulated that the land should go to his daughter if Francis Jr. had no heirs.

3. Thomas Parsons wrote his will on 11 October 1683 and it was proved on 31 May 1684. He named daughter Isabel Holland, who was married to Anthony Holland.

4. George Holland was “in service” (indentured?) by 1674. He wrote his will on 19 February 1683 and it was proved on 22 June 1685. He left bequests to Thomas, son of John Larkin (300 acres of “Holland’s Delight” and to Otho Holland, the residue of his estate. Otho’s wife, Mehitable, was John Larkin’s daughter. Otho Holland sold 97 acres on Middle River in Anne Arundel County to John Skinner on 13 January 1684. (NOTE: My own observation is that this Holland group did not remain in Anne Arundel County and I don’t think that they were related to my Anthony Holland extended family. DNA evidence seems to support my observation.)

6. Anthony Holland, who reportedly was transported from Virginia to Maryland in 1650, wrote his will on 12 February 1702 and it was proved on 2 August 1703. He named (second) wife Isabel and two sets of children: sons John, Benjamin, Anthony, Thomas (16 years old on 20th January last), Richard (16 on 1 March 1703), daughter Elizabeth, wife of Richard Gott, Jacob (16 years old on 2 May 1706), Capele (16 on 10 June 1708), daughter Susanna (16 on 24 April 1710), Abraham (16 on 13 June 1714) and to Judith Deavour, no relationship stated, personalty.

7. Thomas and Elizabeth Woodfield (called Gott, daughter and heir of Anthony Holland, deceased) sold 100 acres of 580 total acres to Thomas Macnemara on 13 March 1717.

8. On 16 July 1724, Richard and Sarah Gott of Baltimore sold 120 acres for £8 to Jacob Holland.

9. Jacob Holland (born 2 May 1690) married Margaret Medkiff, daughter of John and Lydia. Jacob and Margaret had the following children: Lydia, born 8 September 1715 and married Gideon Howard about 1733, Benjamin, born 11 September 1718, Ruth, born 11 September 1718, Rebecca, born 4 May 1720. It is thought that my husband’s Anthony Holland who migrated to Kentucky was a younger, unrecorded child. It is also thought that Anthony’s first wife was Mary Howard, who he married c1759. This is a puzzle piece that fits, but can’t be proven as fact.

10. Rebeckah Holland married Oliver Cherry on 5 July 1718. She was likely born in the 1690s, but her parentage is unknown and no further information has been found about this couple.


1. Locust Neck, undated, surveyed for Mordecai Price. Possessors: Mordecai Price, 116 acres, Mordecai Price, 18 acres held by him in right for Anthony Holland’s orphan. Conveyances: 4 March 1714 Jacob Holland from John Holland

2. Carter, surveyed 28 October 1651 for Richard Bennett near Herring Creek Bay. Possessor: Col. William Holland, 100 acres, in right of his wife, the sister of Francis Holland the son) Conveyance: 28 September 1719, William and Margaret Holland to Francis Holland Jr.

3. Bennetts Island, on Herring Creek Bay, surveyed 28 October 1651 for Richard Bennett. Possessor: Col. William Holland, 275 acres, in right of his wife the sister of Francis Holland. Conveyance: William and Margaret Holland to Francis Holland Jr. on 28 September 1719.

4. Ram Gott Swamp, on the north side of Herring Creek, was surveyed on 18 November 1659. At a later time (undated) owners included Richard Gott (300 acres), John Cheshire (200 acres) Samuel Harison (33 acres) and Mordicay Price (100 acres).

5. Greenwood, on the north side of Broad Creek running out of Herring Creek, surveyed on 12 July 1663, included later owners: Benjamin Capell (100 acres), Mordecai Rice (sic) (50 acres for Anthony Holland’s orphans). On 29 December 1721, Capel Holland sold land to Jacob Holland and on 31 January 1722, Jacob Holland sold the land to Samuel Chew.

6. Hollands Hills, surveyed 7 August 1663 for Francis Holland on westward of Herring Creek Bay near land of Carter Bennett.

7.Souldier Delight, 100 acres) was surveyed on 28 December 1670 for Lionel Pawly. Possessor (undated): Col. William Holland

8. Addition, 95 acres surveyed 6 March 1671 for Francis Holland. Possessor: Col. William Holland, in right of his wife the sister of Francis, son of the said Francis Holland. Coneyance: William and Margaret Holland to Francis Holland Jr. 28 September 1719.

9. Hollands Range, 120 acres, surveyed 12 July 1677 for Anthony Holland in Herring Creek Swamp. Possessor: Benjamin Holland Conveyances: John Holland to Jacob Holland, 4 March 1714, no quantity stated; Benjamin Holland to Samuel Guychard, 1 April 1717, 100 acres.

10. Hollands Addition, 47 acres, surveyed for Francis Holland lying near Herring Creek on 16 October 1687. Possessor: Col. William Holland, in right for his wife, sister of Francis Holland, the son).

There you have it, the facts connecting various Hollands who settled in Anne Arundel County, Maryland by the 1650s. Was the earliest Anthony related in any way to Francis Holland or was it mere coincidence that they both settled on Herring Creek? Y-DNA would settle that question, so patience may be a necessary virtue.


8 thoughts on “Holland Family Facts – Anne Arundel County, MD in the 17th & 18th Centuries”

  1. Linda,

    I am so appreciative of your extensive search into the ‘Holland’ family line.

    Col. Francis Holland Jr. was my 6th Great-Grandfather. I’m trying to find out why he was a ‘Colonel’
    I’m wondering if he was in the Revolutionary War perhaps.
    I am showing he was married to my 6th Great grandmother Cordelia Knight (1720–1781)

    I’m looking through the Holland line and seeing it is an old family, reaching back into the UK as ‘Lords and Ladies’.
    It’s such an interesting thing to look up our histories. Sometimes, my eyes mist up a bit thinking how their lives in their times, meant something…. Thank you again Linda,

    Best regards, Vicki Eder.

  2. Hi, I’ve been reviewing autosomal DNA results. My cousin matches a large number of descendants of Capell Holland. It appears the connection is through my cousin and I’s mutual ancestors William Parrish m. Susannah____. Historically Susannah’s name has been recorded as Parsons, but I think far more likely she was Susannah Holland daughter of Anthony Holland and Isabella Parsons. (Susannah Parsons, her aunt, was too old at that point for the births of the children).

    1. I am a descendent of Capell Holland as well, down to and thru Artensus Clifton Holland (KIA/Civil War).

  3. William Holland b.1760 in Somerset County is my ancestor. Do not know who his father was. My research stops at him.

  4. Thank you for posting all the Holland info and insights. I am currently trying to place the William Holland who wrote his Last Will in Baltimore County June 16th 1721, which was probated Sept. 1727. This William was married to Elizabeth MNU before 10/1709. After his death she married Theophilus Jones, who died before 3/1735. Elizabeth then married John Lloyd who died in 1743. In 1721 Wm. Holland mentioned my 6th GGrandmother Elizabeth Shaw, who I suspect was related to William’s wife Elizabeth.
    Also trying to place 3rd GGrandmother Mary Ann Holland born about 1804, who married in Baltimore John Walden/Waldron, then Henry Neal Sr., then David Collison.

  5. Are there any slave references in your family history. I am sure especially during this period dating back in the past centuries.
    My grandmother is a Holland and she shared experiences of her traveling to Holland Farm in Harford, MD. to labor
    I believe that down through the years there was a relationship and connection to the farm other than laboring.
    My wife’s grandmother name is Theodosia Holland born 1916

  6. Anthony Holland who died in Scott County is my ancestor. His daughter, Margaret married as his second wife Shadrack Penn. Anyhony’all will mentions daughter Margaret Penn. I am trying to get an actual copy of the will but no success yet. I also would like to to find Anthony’s parents.

  7. Hello – in Wiki, a Last Will for Anthony Holland of Herring Creek, Anne Arundel Co. is shown, leaving 500+ acres of land he owned in lower Baltimore Co. bordering the Patapsco River, to his children at 100 acre parcels each. I am searching for a ferry service he might have owned somewhere in that area called Hollands Ferry which a current road (Hollins Ferry) might have been named after him – albeit misspelled. Hollins Ferry Rd. sort of dead-ends below Lansdowne, Balto. Co. and southern Linthicum, Balto. Co., where it borders the Patapsco, so the Hollands/Hollins ferry service in the late 1700 or early 1800 might have been there. Can anyone help find the location of the ferry service across the Patapsco River – if there really was one by that name – and what kind of ferry it was – a small boat, a raft, a big boat for cattle, etc. ? I cannot find any indication on any early maps. Thank you.

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