Happy Easter!

In spite of the current sheltering at home, I fondly think back on Easters long past and happy memories. One of them is remembering Easter tunes.

Did you ever have a favorite Easter song? I actually can’t think of too many traditional Easter songs, but I did have a couple of favorites.

As a child, I loved Here Comes Peter Cottontail. I’m sure I had this record and played it over and over when Easter approached each year. Gene Autry definitely had a distinctive voice, didn’t he?

After I outgrew Peter Cottontail and found Bing Crosby, Easter Parade became a favorite.  I also liked Easter Parade, the movie, with Fred Astaire and Judy Garland.

Although I headed off to church on Easter Sunday, of course in my Easter bonnet, there isn’t a single religious song that sticks in my mind as being sung every year.

Easter 1958

If you are an Easter celebrant today, have an enjoyable day with your friends and family, albeit most likely virtually this year!

Happy Easter!


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